The ONLY Way to Break Spiritual Fortress

Quick question for you…

Do you know what a “spiritual fortress” is?

It’s anything that exalts itself in our minds, “pretending” to be bigger or more powerful than our God. It steals much of our focus and causes us to feel overpowered, controlled, and mastered.

It can be an addiction, anger, disempowering thoughts, or anything that steals, kills, or destroys the abundant, fruitful life of a believer can be considered a spiritual fortress of the enemy.

Imagine a “spiritual fortress” as a tent in a large campsite and that campsite is your mind.

The enemy’s strategic plan is to set-up as many tents (fortress) in your mind until he completely takes over your mind and snatch you from the hands of God.

That’s why it is EXTREMELY important to…

First is to take action now. Be a proactive Christian and do not allow the enemy to gain control of your mind. You have to fight back.

Second, break any existing fortress in your mind that’s causing all the troubles and heartaches in your life. Don’t worry, later I’ll show you how to do that.

Lastly is to prevent him from setting up a new one by continuously protecting your mind.

The ONLY Way to Break Spiritual Fortress

Thank God as the Bible has a clear and definitive answer on how to protect your mind and it’s in Ephesians 6:10-18.

Paul listed the whole armor of God. But only one piece of the armor is actually a weapon.

The figurative belt, shield, breastplate, shoes, and helmet are all defensive pieces of armor intended to keep us from being injured by the weapons of the evil one.

The sword of the Spirit, clearly identified as the Word of God, is the only offensive weapon listed in the whole armor of God.

That’s why memorizing scriptures and meditating it is an extremely powerful weapon to fight back and hit the devil in the face.

It’s a direct assault to the enemy and it’s so powerful that all he can do is run.

This is also the reason why all great men of God agreed on the power of memorizing scriptures.

Bottom line, scripture memorization is both cure and prevention from spiritual fortress.

It’s the shortest path from being a lukewarm Christians and becoming a “Spirit Filled” Christians.

I encourage you to memorize God’s word and we can help you.

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It’s A Girl!

Dawn and I are so thankful that soon we will have our third child.

Dawn inside the clinic for an ultrasound.

Dawn inside the clinic for an ultrasound.

We’re hoping that it’s a girl this time since we have two boys already. Paulo and Carson.

Of course, whatever God will give us we will accept it wholeheartedly.

But guess what…

Last week’s ultrasound showed it’s a girl though we will never really know until it’s born.

As always, we would like you to celebrate with us for this AMAZING blessing.

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How to Study The Bible No Matter How Busy You Are

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Ultimate Freedom In Christ Sampler

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What To Do When Facing Difficult Times

Memory Verse of the Day

“Tell the righteous it will be well with them, for they will enjoy the fruit of their deeds”
(Isaiah 3:10, NIV)

No matter what’s going on with your life, no matter where you are in life, whether you are riding the tops of the mountains or scraping the dirt off the ground, God wants you to know that, as always, everything is going to be alright. “It’s going to be okay,” He would’ve whispered in your ear if He could.

Every day is a gift, and therefore every day is a challenge. God gives us challenges to strengthen us, to bolster our resolve as well as our character. Many of us easily recognize waking up in the morning as a gift from God, and yet many also fail to acknowledge that challenges are actually blessings in disguise. That is exactly why we must have faith!

There will always be difficult times in our lives, but always remember it is not the end. It is never the end with God. He will lead you to victory and to self-fulfillment as He had promised. God is only testing your faith to prove how much trust you have placed in Him. In the end, all will be well.

A Piece of Paper That Changed My Life

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Simply print this document, post it to your wall and meditate it as soon as you woke up and before you go to bed.

You’ll need adobe acrobat reader to open the file.

How to know your priorities in life

Two weeks ago I was watching a movie with a very interesting scenes at the beginning.

The first scene was this lady (the lead role) visited her doctor. The doctor checked her up and told her that she has a cancer.

And then followed it up with a statement “…you only have 1 to 2 months live.”

Let me ask you this…

If you have 1 month to live, what are you going to do?

Think about it for a couple of minutes before you continue reading this email.


So what comes to your mind immediately?

Maybe for some, they’ll call someone and will say “I love you.” or “I’m sorry.”

To some people maybe they’ll share their faith to unbelieving love ones or friends.

Or simply, they’ll spend more time with people they love the most.

The reason I’m asking you these questions is, I was reminded by a scripture when I was watching this movie.

It’s from Psalm 39:4 that says…

“Lord, remind me how brief my time on earth will be.
Remind me that my days are numbered—
how fleeting my life is.” NLT

You see, life can be overwhelming sometimes with lots of to dos at work, church, home, etc.

But you need to know your priorities in life and treat is for what it is … a priority.

If it’s your family then spend time with them, hug them, love them, or forgive them.

Also, do whatever your heart is telling you what to do.

You must think and act with urgency because… Life is short

Let us know your thoughts below.

In Him,
Don and Dawn

Common Mistake Christians Make In Scripture Memorization

In the last several years that Dawn and I are helping Christians to memorize scriptures, we’ve seen common mistakes they make.

Today, I’ll reveal one of those mistake and how to correct it so you can make scripture memorization as part of your habit this 2012.

About a year ago or so we surveyed thousands of Christians from all over the world. One the questions was “How do you feel about the importance of scripture memorization?”

74% of the respondent said it is “extremely important”

As you can see most Christians find scripture memorization is really important in their Christian walk.

Here’s the thing…but how come most are not doing it?

Is it because of their age or memory capacity? Nope.

The problem is indecision. They don’t want to make a “DECISION” to make scripture memorization as part of their life. When I say “decision”, I mean a committed and serious decision.

Why most don’t want to make this committed decision?

Because when you do not memorize scriptures on a regular basis there seems to be no apparent effect in your Christian walk. There’s no instant “bad effect”. That’s why most Christians have a “half-baked” commitment when memorizing.

It’s like eating cheese burger. They’re unhealty food and may cause a heart attack. If you eat it today, you won’t feel fatter the next day nor you’ll have a heart attack immediately.

But no mistake about it…yes, the bad effect may not be immediate but it is still unhealthy for you.

Scripture memorization will help you stronger spiritually as you meditate God’s promises whereever and whenever. You’re not limited by the availability of your Bible.

Try this: Close your eyes and meditate just one scripture meaningfully. Do it three times and you’ll immediately feel His presence and power. Fear and stress naturally disappear.

Job 1:8 clearly stated that by meditating God’s word you will be prosperous and successful.

So I encourage you to memorize God’s powerful words.

Take that committed decision now by clicking here

In Him,
Don and Dawn
P.S. If you want this year to be bettter than last year, you have to do something different this year. Start with a committed decision in memorizing scriptures.

Our Christmas Present To You!

When we started Memory Delight couple of years ago, it was just a dream for us to have our own software that will help people memorize scriptures.

The cost and time to develop a software will require thousands of dollars which we don’t have and at least 12 months of developing it…

but God is good as always.

Early this year we got a deal from a software company in San Antonio Texas and they helped us to develop…

“Memory Delight Software”

Since its release, it’s the most loved products that we created. Christians just love it.

Here’s an email we got from one of the owner of our software:

“What an amazing software technological program you developed. Your scripture program is an excellent one. This is absolute the best memorization tool I’ve ever seen.

I especially love the way it edits out the verse numbers, the scheduler, and enough space to put in large passage, and the selection of references for review. I am a satisfied customer and thanks so much for this great invention.

I very much appreciate all your effort and time that you invested in creating and designing this program. God bless! and gives you wonderful  Breakthrough for your marvelous work” – Joyce Contance

As you can see, this software is really a breakthrough for us and we would like you to experience what tons of our customers are experiencing with our software.

Please accept this as our Christmas present for you.

Today until December 22, 2011, we’ll give you a chance to get your own copy of our breakthrough software for only $27. That’s $20 off from its original price of $47.

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Merry Christmas!

In Him,
Don and Dawn

Learn This And Have A Better Memory

Psychologist and educators have said that we use only a small percentage of our brain power – and I agree with that.

Let me prove it to you with this simple question.

Which light is on the top of the traffic light? Is it the Red or the Green? Your first thought, probably is that this is an easy question to answer.

Pause for a moment and think about it…. Is it the Red or Green? You’re probably hesitating now.

Before I tell you the right answer, I just want to nail the point that the reason you’re hesitating now is because you’re not maximizing your brain power.

In memorizing Bible verses, to remember it quickly and retain it to your brain forever you need to use more of your brain power. So it sticks faster and longer. My advice to you is next time you try to memorize a verse make sure your full attention is on it.

By the way the correct answer is red.

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In Him,
Don and Dawn