Ultimate Freedom In Christ Sampler

Here’s a 5 minute audio sampler from our brand new course…
“The Ultimate Freedom In Christ: Steps to Break Habitual Sins and Be Free Forever!”

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  1. Reynaldo Cruz says:

    I am glad hear everything good that i could share it to someone.

  2. María Isabel Oyón. says:

    Even though I´m not used to these kinds of sins, there are others, like the daily bad use of the tongue, hypocresy, laziness in praying or reading and meditatin scripture, that also haves their consecuences, I´d love how to get rid of them, but I don´t live in USA and I don´t have a credict card. It would be nice to find a way of this usufull book. thank you and God bless you.

  3. Amadeo G. Genetia says:

    To God be the glory! May God richly bless your ministries

  4. I like it so much this kind of programs. It helps me to read more the holy bible and memorize the words of God. and to get rid off the sins.

    God bless you for that work. I wanna have more audios.

    • Abraham G. Borinaga says:

      All these habitual sins have no more dominion to our lives if we surrender all these to our Lord Jesus Christ, the only secret is to accept Him in your heart and be your Lord and Savior. He will change our lives and all these habitual sins will be replaced by worship and hearing His words. God is in control of everything in our lives and he is the only one can change life. What we should do is just accept Him in your heart and start believing and enjoying His Love for you because in John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son for those whoever believes in Him will not perish but can have an everlasting life. In Ephesians 2:8-9 By His grace we are saved through faith; that not of yourselves: It is the gift of God. V9 Not of works, lest any man should boast.
      To God be the Glory in Jesus name Amen.

  5. Hi god is great but Christ leave the holy sprite to guide us live a kingdom life love all nation pray for a beter generation .


  7. praisethelord

  8. Terri Hannie says:

    I do believe that we have a choice to make as born again children of God. We can choose LIFE or DEATH! There are those who are ignorant and have no idea of the consequences of sin that leads to death. Then there are those who will say, but God’s grace is sufficient for me. Repentance is vital for Spiritual Growth to take place, Faith moves God, but Forgiveness releases His Power!
    In His Love

  9. Tim Harris says:

    Ok look, the answer to being “free” from habitual sinning is something many, if not most, Christians have little knowledge of anymore, especially in these “last of the last days”. First, in order to be free from habitual sinning you MUST believe you cannot stop whatever you’re bound to in and of yourself. And even though the H Spirit is indeed dwelling within you, steps must be taken according to Biblical instruction – without any deviation according to man’s misguided instruction, which many times can be fractured and biased at best. Faith in what Christ did at the cross is the STARTING point to recovery. If you’re not willing to believe this simple truth then you will remain in bondage, sinning then repenting, sinning then repenting, sinning then repenting, over and over again, as spiritual death slowly, but surely, ensues. And the end result of this debacle could very well be the loss of your soul. Although this Biblical truth seems way to simple for people as weak as us (for those humble enough to admit it), it is the ONLY prescription God in His wisdom has mapped out for creatures such as ourselves to hopefully adhere to. The “sin factory” can be shut down, but you have to follow GOD’S “prescribed” order to victory via His Word and not man’s. Teachers are probably more in abundance today than they ever have been and although there are some good ones out there i advice you to check out the following link to hear more of what i’m talking about, gaining the wisdom needed from someone who knows aaaaallllllll to well the gripping nature of sin and how to be free from it’s power: http://sonlifetv.com/sonlife-radio/listen/
    If you don’t cop a judgmental attitude towards your fellow Brother in Christ, who you’ll probably remember as a “fallen saint” as you listen to the radio broadcasters in this ministry, then you’ll be on your way to the same VICTORY i myself have experienced – even though i had tried every ‘trick in the book’ so-to-speak in order to stop my habitually sinning. Many, many, many others have experienced the same victory over sins dominion as well. Just listen. Do what they say, and this time, you WILL BE free for good ..if you “get” what they’re teaching that is! (feel free to email me if you have any questions. Love in Christ, Tim).

  10. Deborah Maria says:

    It still matters on the way we live. It was not I who decided to become as apart of my family but it was Christ who decided,I will trie not to hurt any one by my words by reading bible. This is what I want to do,by giving my examples to others. by telling to my friends who don’t know christ about the wonders he have done.

  11. Lucy Nyambura says:

    I’m so blessed. My prayer is that our Good Lord will richly bless You in Your Ministry, In Jesus Name.

  12. resurrection is the way! says:


  13. tamali loyce says:

    this is incredibly fabulous and may the almighty richly rise u and ur family and ministry to greater heightes be blessed

  14. MARY BARASA says:

    Such a great message. God bless you abundantly.

  15. vishal.p.lal says:

    jesus luvs us!!!

  16. shepheredjhe says:


  17. To God be the glory! May God richly bless your ministries

  18. Thanks God you have created the humanbeings to praise your glory . they are the source of spreading God’s words in easy way around the world.

  19. Since after subscribing i have learnt the importance of scripture memorising and guess what? I even quote scriptures in my prayers and it is very effective because it’s God’s word and the more i quote, things happen in my life. Thank you Dawn.

  20. Thank you very much Don and Dawn,
    I am sincerely blessed with this message. And it is a message that millions of Brethren all over the world must hear.
    Why? For every point you touched and talked about are the major stumbling blocks for us Christians, sadly even the dedicated Christians. So, we would need to hear this message again, and again, and again until it will sink in, into our hearts and soul. And then let it become another Psalm 119 verse 11 for us all: THY WORD HAVE I HID IN MINE HEART, THAT I MIGHT NOT SIN AGAINST THEE.
    Thanks again D & D for this message, as I am still fighting some of the sins you talked about. For I became a Christian, after been a Muslim for 51 years. May you continue to be blessed with JOY, HAPPINESS, and WISDOM from Christ.

  21. Thank´ s GOD, Don and Dawn….

  22. jennifer barnaby says:

    what shall we say then,shall we continue in sin?God forbid.

  23. I´m not used to these kinds of sins, there are others, like the daily bad use of the tongue, hypocresy, laziness in praying or reading and meditatin scripture, I´d love how to get rid of them, but I don´t live in USA and I don´t have a credict card. It would be nice to find a way of this usufull book. thank you and God bless you.

  24. Eno Ekpenyong says:

    I am so much impressed on what God has used you to do for the church at the present time.. pls. continue with your good work of the gospel.. God bless you and your ministry, send me more your materials.

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