Learn This And Have A Better Memory

Psychologist and educators have said that we use only a small percentage of our brain power – and I agree with that.

Let me prove it to you with this simple question.

Which light is on the top of the traffic light? Is it the Red or the Green? Your first thought, probably is that this is an easy question to answer.

Pause for a moment and think about it…. Is it the Red or Green? You’re probably hesitating now.

Before I tell you the right answer, I just want to nail the point that the reason you’re hesitating now is because you’re not maximizing your brain power.

In memorizing Bible verses, to remember it quickly and retain it to your brain forever you need to use more of your brain power. So it sticks faster and longer. My advice to you is next time you try to memorize a verse make sure your full attention is on it.

By the way the correct answer is red.

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In Him,
Don and Dawn


  1. delphis arseneau says:

    hi my name is delphis last week i bough your memory delight and didn,t receive a confirmation ,i think i gave you a wrong e-mail address here my e mail address [email protected] ..payment went trougth my master card …

  2. i want to learn more how to meditate healing verses.

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  4. Tan Lim Beng says:

    there was the first product in your list which I could not download.
    It is still not in my computer
    Am eagerly waiting to memorize Luke


    Tan Lim Beng

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