How to Study The Bible No Matter How Busy You Are

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  1. Mutumba Henry says:

    Thanks for the bible study , my contribution is about where to begin from for those who haven’t started reading the bible. this is what i did first i committed myself in reading the bible everyday from page one, some stories interesting others boring , amazing and difficult to understand but i kept on reading and praying to God asking him to help me to understand, and every other day my life started changing slowly by slowly , meeting every day after work sharing his word , reading different christian books attending services and hearing from different preachers this helped me so much. i think it would be ok if some one starts with the old testament inorder to have a stronge foundation in future understanding takes time but once you get it then it becomes very simple. if some one starts with Psalms it will take him / her more time to no where David came from and why he had to write all those prayers.
    thanks with blessings

    • I want to add more in the same line that will help people to understand more clearly. Bible study is , studying the word of God because I wish to know more about His heart,mind,plans and perspective for His is very natural that to whomever we love , we try to know about his/her heart,mind,plans and perspective. So my Love for God is the only reason for which I want to study His words to know more about Him. If His words are boring then probably I m not in perfect love with Him. There is nothing a person can do to force himself / herself for bible study unless he or she loves God, and His words becomes a love letter for him or her. Who among us does not wish to read the love letter if it is from the person to whom we love ?
      Yes some of the passages are beyond our understanding sometimes, but if I ask the sender (God) of the letter (bible) to tell me what exactly it means then I know He will be glad to answer me and make me understand the things and reveal me some more things also.
      Once a person knows that God loves him/ her then only the things of Gods interests will begin to happen in his/her life . Eventually it will bring glory to God and a more abundant , blessed life for the person simultaneously.
      Submitting the self(our spirit ) to God will automatically lead to bible study and thereafter so many more blessed things will also happen.
      So get ready for submission rather than to start simply studying the bible without submission and Love for Him.

      God bless each one of us to be able to submit more and more each day .


    Reading, meditating, memorizing and digesting the word of God on a daily basis is vital in order to obtain a spirit-filled Christian life.This divine habit surely has [will surely do more] made many distinctive changes in my life and the various aspects of my mind-set -gradually conforming to the image of my savior-Jesus.AMEN!

    The word of God has power and it is sharper than a two edge sword.

    • farzana sadaf says:

      amen ,what a mighty God we serve ,keep it up my sis and you will be blessed day by day and glory to glory ok God bless you and keep you from evil.

  3. Jennifer Robbins says:

    I hale from India. I am unable to procure the Book on Memorising Scripture at an affordable price..Its not even availanble in India. In its absence I am faced with the predicament of where to begin memorising scripture. I find it difficult to understand where to start.
    I read the Bible at whatever page I open up – I enjoy reading it – but I don’t find myself upto it to start memorising.
    I pray the Lord for wisdom to tackle it at the age of sixty (that I am). I fear the final temptation and deceit of the devil
    at the time of my death – Isn’t it enough that I Love the Lord – I worship and adore Him – I look to Him for everything
    and I have experienced His Hand in my life on several, several occasions? (It was His Divine Mercy that spared me my
    life when I jumped from a moving train (a long story) and lay in coma for six days and then in a state of coma for the
    next twentysix days. Every friend and family member prayed the Divine Mercy Rosary for me … my baby nephew who was just two and a half years old had a vision of Jesus with His Right Hand on my Head (which was affected) and
    my left hand was in His Hand – and he was told that “Nothing will happen to Aunty Jenny” It gave everyone great
    hope for my survival as the doctors had given up hope. I was later named Mrs. Miracle at the hospital.
    What I mean is – that when my Jesus is so close to me – can the Devil touch me? Please do respond. Thank you.

    • farzana sadaf says:

      good morning,
      sir /mam i read your comments ,i would like to emphasis on one thing and that is (SALVATION) it is good to read bible and do everything to make our God happy but if we don’t accept him as lord and Saviour it mean we miss the important step in our life ,first you start the basic thing and then you will not have any fear of death and temptation ,our God is living God and he said i will not leave you nor faorsake you ,and when we accept him we will become children of God and then we will be untouchable for devil ok God bless you and i hope the the hope of glory will make you understand this

    • Ebenezer Peters says:

      This is a good and great testimony to share and God wants to use you. Get a good Bible believing church where you will be taught the word. I will recommend to you “Christ Embassy church” there is a programme that is coming on in India as from January around the second or third week with Pastor Chris & Benny Hinn try and attend it.
      God bless you.

    • agreat miracle the simplest thing in salvation is sitting close to god only by meditation of the word prayer and spiritual submition and finally waiting for answers which comes from the scripture amen may the lord god take good care of you to uplift u

  4. Rolando Y. Pangan says:

    I Really blessed for your Biblical Thoughts…And motivations…Godbless us, all Stay Safe, always…

  5. I would like to share my experience witnessing the power of the Holy spirit witnessing within our spirit, for the word of god says ” The word that I speak are spirit and they are life.” When im meditating the word of God I become ONE with ” THE WORD ” ITSELF , it becomes mine, I become the DOER and it’s MANIFESTING ON ME. If not on me I will witness it manifesting on other people specific on every verses i meditated.
    At times when i woke up in the morning the holy spirit will enable me to speak the word of God , not on mine awareness but the spirit within me, just my mouth will speak the word.
    My spirit is so receptive with the Holy Spirit that when I meditate sometimes I cannot get out from one verse I will just meditate it in 3 days and my spirit within me is so joyful as if HE is running ,jumping inside of me. The feeling of the inside of me or what we called the ‘inner man” the real who we are “a spirit” wants to get out from the flesh and wants to be free! hallelluiah !! Glory to God!! Praise be to the lord who has delighted on us.
    I pray that everyone will also testify their encounter and intimate relationship with Our Lord JESUS.

  6. Sandile Sikondo says:


  7. LaToya Harriott says:

    For God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power and of love and of a sound mind (2Timothy 1:7). To God be all glory and honor for all the great things he has done. I want to thank him for blessing me to walk, talk, breath, and just being alive today. Although things may get difficult for me I love God so much and I thank him for saving my life. Please pray for my friend Hope Moses she is a sister of mine in Christ and I want her to return to her first love which is God. Pray that God would send people that are filled with his spirit that would effectively witness to her and that she would come back to him. Thank you. I believe God for Hope

  8. Michelle Toste says:

    Hello Everyone,

    I am looking into this, as a way to memorize scripture more effectively, (which is obvious), and as a means to get closer to the Lord. I am also thinking that it may be beneficial to my son, Michael, who was just released from prison yesterday, after 6 years!!! He is a Christian…and asks for God’s guidance and strength in his life. (He was a meth addict prior…for many years…any prayers would be appreciated).
    So I will be looking into this further…it looks like something that would be a blessing!

  9. Onesmus mwendo says:

    Praise the Lord! Before i met with my saviour Jesus Christ ,i was a heavy drug addict (long story). Through His grace,am serving Him in our local church as a group leader!…am sure God have tranformed many from nothing to something worthy! Pls take a minute to pray for me,so that i can be able to memorize and practice the word of God. Be blessed.

    • may you filled by the spirit of memorizing the word in Jesus name amen also to add be strong and fearless as you approuch the bible to practice it

  10. Bible study is best gifts one can ever giveself.

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