Our Christmas Present To You!

When we started Memory Delight couple of years ago, it was just a dream for us to have our own software that will help people memorize scriptures.

The cost and time to develop a software will require thousands of dollars which we don’t have and at least 12 months of developing it…

but God is good as always.

Early this year we got a deal from a software company in San Antonio Texas and they helped us to develop…

“Memory Delight Software”

Since its release, it’s the most loved products that we created. Christians just love it.

Here’s an email we got from one of the owner of our software:

“What an amazing software technological program you developed. Your scripture program is an excellent one. This is absolute the best memorization tool I’ve ever seen.

I especially love the way it edits out the verse numbers, the scheduler, and enough space to put in large passage, and the selection of references for review. I am a satisfied customer and thanks so much for this great invention.

I very much appreciate all your effort and time that you invested in creating and designing this program. God bless! and gives you wonderful  Breakthrough for your marvelous work” – Joyce Contance

As you can see, this software is really a breakthrough for us and we would like you to experience what tons of our customers are experiencing with our software.

Please accept this as our Christmas present for you.

Today until December 22, 2011, we’ll give you a chance to get your own copy of our breakthrough software for only $27. That’s $20 off from its original price of $47.

Click here to get your own copy.


Merry Christmas!

In Him,
Don and Dawn