It’s A Girl!

Dawn and I are so thankful that soon we will have our third child.

Dawn inside the clinic for an ultrasound.

Dawn inside the clinic for an ultrasound.

We’re hoping that it’s a girl this time since we have two boys already. Paulo and Carson.

Of course, whatever God will give us we will accept it wholeheartedly.

But guess what…

Last week’s ultrasound showed it’s a girl though we will never really know until it’s born.

As always, we would like you to celebrate with us for this AMAZING blessing.

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  1. Hie
    We praise God for that!thank you for your encouragements,please pray for us we want God to bless with a baby.
    God bless You!

    • Mercia A Chibi says:

      We thank God for such beauiful and encouraging news Congradulation to you. We just ask God o give us the wisdom to know what to do and to be thankful all the time.

      • Congratulations..You just received one among the many blessings of God.

        • I am so happy for u all may god continue to bless u have a safe. Delivery in the name of jesus love u all

          • congratulations! ln fact l have been enjoying all the Bible guide lines you have been giving me. But lam waiting for an opportunity to get those books .Don’t wory soon l have to oder for it. Because of the word of God you have been rendring also it helps me a lot more Especialy when things wants to go wrong with me L realy apricate it. thanks a lot It is well with you and the new born Baby Amara

  2. Linda de Lara says:

    Congratulations! Praise and Glory to our God for answered prayers..

    .Our prayers are with you always as you continue to encourage us to memorize Scriptures. It is truly God’s instrument to communicate His constant love no matter what the season we are in _in our life. Thank you…

  3. pst ify says:


  4. Virginia Posthumus says:

    Congratulations on your baby girl, may she give you much Joy. Love in Christ Jesus Virginia <3

  5. Barbara Ann says:

    Congratulations Don and Dawn. What a special gift from the Lord. We are always blessed by children and it’s funny, it seems like He gives us what we want. We want a boy, He gives a boy, we want a girl, He gives us a girl. May God continue to shine His greatest blessing upon you and your family. You are loved and prayed for my many! Love all your posts.

  6. congrats to u guys and god bles .but what i,need right now is for you guys to pray for me and my son who is bedredden.please don & dawn.only a prayer wil help.

  7. delphine says:

    Hi Both ,

    i am expecting right now in my 4th month , i am hoping that it would be a girl .Here in India they dont reveal the sex of the baby untill its born ,. After i got your mail it was as if god was speaking to me cause teh subject line read as Great News: It’s a girl..

    Thank you … just wasnted to share this with you guy’s … all the best

  8. Eunice Msindo says:

    Please help me with prayers that my life be in line with God will. Thank you

  9. Congrats to you guys!
    Am 37 years old single lady with no kids and never been married .
    Am depressed , frustrated and almost giving up.
    Am thinking of taking IVF with anyone’s sperm that has been donated.
    Am I doing the right thing?

    • felicia johnson says:

      Pray about it and ask god for direction, i had to make some choices in my life, and i don’t regret it at all, because i prayed and ask god to help me with my descion and he did, and now we have a beautiful healthy boy who is 3 years old now. it was the best thing i have every did in my night.

    • Hi Esther

      I think could be much better if you find someone that mach with thinking process or a really good friend that share with you the idea of bring a baby ……..
      Do not give up ……. GOD is great and he will bringyou something wonderfull.
      You do not be depress or frustate keep you fait above and wait ……. & you wiil see.

      You are not old, this is a really good age, because it is the best part of your life ……. if you need somethng write me but do not be depress ok.

      I am a Mexican and single ……. with three kids 31, 29 & 28, I live in Mexico City but you can write me whenever you want, or when need somthing…….. do not be shide ok.

      Good bless you.

      Sincerly Jorge Luis

    • hi this Alice please pray for me so that i get a life partner
      ilost my babie through a miscarriage and so so devastated
      am also living positive and i know God will work out things for me
      please always pray for me blessed

  10. Ramona Claessen says:

    Congratulations! and her name would be Mary ? Rachel?
    I pray Dawn has a safe delivery, an easy birth and a healthy baby… may God be with you all the way…Ramona

  11. Dear don and dawn,
    What an amaizing gift from God if its a baby girl,i hope its ababy girl. and hope and pray for good delevery and get well soon congratulation..

  12. roselet makhubele says:

    congradulation, may almighty God Bless you, not forgetting you r little one.

  13. Congrats! God knows your hearts desire. He always come through for us at the right time. I will be praying that it is a GIRL.

  14. Congratulations you guys….
    2013 is truly the year of Blessing and Abundance…..
    Could you kindly keep my husband in prayer for a Business breakthrough……


  15. oommen chacko says:

    God will do best for you,because his name will be glofy

  16. Congratulations ! Praise God for the baby girl !
    It’s been a long time that I really wanted to thank you for being so faithful in sending encouraging words and helping me grow in the Lord. May the Lord bless you both and your family..

    Thank you so much .. MABUHAY !!

  17. Joanne Robertson-Mohammed says:

    Congratulations to you two most pleasant people I have known on e-mail. I know that with God’s continuity in your lives you would continue to be excellent parents in Jesus name. Your boys must be happy also. God Bless and have a good week.

  18. Tsakani Mabaso says:

    God bless you.

  19. Joyce Fernandes says:

    Congrats to both of you and may you be blessed abundantly. Pl pray for a dear friend of mine who is quite sick and cannot move from her bed. Prayers will surly move mountains. We strongly believe this.

  20. Hi, my immediate need now is some words of prayer frm Don n Dawn for the blessing of fruit of the womb. Av bn married for 5years plus now nd no single child now. Thanks

  21. Congrats!

  22. Congratulations!!!, may the Good Lord be with you all the time..

  23. Mokgabo Sophie Kgomotso says:

    wow i feel happy for you guys, may God richly bless your family and the unborn baby.

    we had the same situation last year when we were expecting our third child and we were praying to God that it be the son because we had 2 daughters already and the day came where everybody in the family was excited. He is now 10 months called Thobo (Harvest) and the christian name is Peniel.

    our daughters names are Tsholofelo meaning Hope(15yrs) and Tshegofatso meaning Grace (9yrs).

  24. wiesa van Jaarsveld says:

    The Lord is wonderfull! He answers all ou prayers! God will be with youu tille the end! Praise His name

  25. KADIRI Olufunke I. says:

    God’s works & ways are miraculous! Our thoughts are not His, though He grants our heart desires at some time. We bless God for this one He has done. I wholeheatedly rejoice with u people of God. May God’s blessings come more mightily upon your ministry & household In Jesus Name.keep up the good work. God bless you real good.

  26. kenneth o. lockhart says:

    Congratulations! And may the good Lord always bless and keep you and yours.

  27. To God be the glory GREAT things He had done!

  28. BeverlyWilliams says:

    Hi Dawn & Don congrats hope you have a safe and healthy pregnancy, which i am sure you would have due to your connection with god I do appreciate your method of encouraging to your followers to learn the Bible in so many simple ways. every morning i get to work before i do anything i look forward to see what inspirational directions for the day

  29. Hi Dawn i am truly happy to know that you will get your wish for a girl. I speak a prophetic declaration over her that she will be a blessing in your family life in Jesus name. I also declare that she will be a virtuous woman and a powerful weapon that the God of yesterday and today uses to bruise the head of the enemy. Amen.

  30. Allison says:

    Congratulations on your third, May God bless you and may you have a safe delivery.

  31. Johanna says:

    Wow! We serve The God who answers! I am so haqppy for you. The princess in the house!!

    Congradulations. She will grow to be the powerful and a successful woman in the Lord. Wow! a child from heaven.

  32. consider your self a bless woman and congratulations

  33. Hi,
    I’m very greatful to God for you. Let His NAME
    be praised as He fulfills the desires of your hearts!
    We experienced the same situation too;
    God blessed us first with two girls, then the third one
    we really prayed for a baby boy,and God answered our
    prayers,it’s a great Joy in our family today!
    Thanks for sharing your joy with us, may the Lord
    continue to bless you,safe delivery for Dawn.
    Thanks also so much for the daily encouragements.
    One question please, do you have also the SUPER MEMORY
    BOOK printed because I’m a person who dosen’t like
    like tto stay on electronic screens! I prefer to read a nomal printed book!

  34. Katarina Smisek says:

    Congratulations on your new Baby girl God bless you family,. I Like to manshine long time a go on your phone call to order book for memorizing bible verses and nor went becauce Im Canadian and have no exces paying trough comp.. I DONT GIVE MY CARD ON IF IS BY PHONE i WILL DO I like read your email please continiu sendig me your writing Thak you Katarina.

  35. Obango James says:

    You have always blessed us through this ministry in the name of Jesus Christ. Let God do His part now. This is a prayer well and timely answered. Congratulations Don and Dawn.

  36. Congrat…may God continue to bless and keep you.

  37. The Almighty is marvelous .

  38. I am happy for you both may GOD continue to bless you in your ministry.

  39. James - Nbi says:

    Congrats brethren. the bundle of joy shall indeed be a blsin in the family. Wish you all as a family happy times. Pass regards to all including the boys.. Thank you for your continued encouragement in reading scriptures and good storie.

  40. ruth yitnoe says:

    Congratulations and I believe God to rejoice soon like youare now.God bless mother and child.

  41. Smriti Maity says:

    A heartly Congratulations to you both. May our dear Lord jesus bless you & your family richly.
    Rigards in Christ,

  42. Congratulations & thanks good…….. Don and Dawn.

    Keep your faith ahead ……… Bessing

    Jorge Luis

  43. I’m so happy for you . And I am keeping you in my prayer that with your blessing you will have a power full baby girl love you all

    • antonett black says:

      I share your joy and GOD truly answers prayers once we put our faith in Him.I hope Dawn will have successful delivery.

  44. Rhoda Duthie says:

    God bless you both! I am blessed daily by reading your devotions. God bless this baby girl.

  45. Congratulations & thanks God that they gave you Baby Girl. Really God is very kind to us . I’m Happy for you din & dawn .
    I’m married for 16 yrs. but until now God didn’t give me Baby before I keep praying and begging to God that give me baby even one I cried most of the time when I’m Praying because I really WANT to have a baby , but now I fed up already I know that He will not give me baby . But I’m waiting for miracle, if there is?!
    I’m happy for you Don and Dawn to have a Baby girl. May the Almighty God Always Bless you and your whole family circle.

    Sincerely yours,

  46. Maureen says:

    Congrats! May God continue to pour out HIS blessings on you. Daughters are so very precious, they are truly the jewels that adorn the home and the heart.

  47. Thanks everyone. With your messages, we felt loved and appreciated.

    May God bless each one more and more.

  48. jonnalagadda kishore babu says:

    Thanks to God., we haven’t child..please pray

  49. Rose Ping Wan says:

    Firstly, Praise God for this great news & congratulations for a growing baby girl in Dawn’s belly. Be blessed baby girl. Dear Don and Dawn, I am so blessed with the everyday inspirational messages & really take place in my daily devotion. God bless your entire family.

  50. ditas de castro says:

    im happy for both of you, its really exciting waiting for a baby girl. really God’s knows the desire of your heart and He will give to you, for you are both a faithful servant, you blessed many lives, share the good news and blessings to others. congratulations

  51. nomer castro says:

    Congratulations for having a baby girl, because I do have three consecutive boys and only one girl and I know how happy both of you.

  52. Patrick Tumelo Thedi says:

    Children are a gift from God, if we who are evil knows whats best for our children, what more of our Holy God. He knows exactly what you need. It’s a gift of a baby girl. Congratulations, our GOD is so failthful and He will always do exceedingly and abundandly above all that we can ever ask or think. Be blessed.

  53. John Tindi says:

    Congrats! Am happy for both of you. be blessed.

  54. Glory be to God! Our God Answers prayers -In prayer and supplication make your request known to God and He fulfill desires of our hearts.God has done it for your family.

  55. Mirriam Phetla says:

    i like to thanks you for the encourangement of God’s word everyday.Let the Good lord bless all the family and new baby.

  56. God Bless you. God knows the desires of our hearts and when prayers are faithfully requested, He grants them. I believe that according to Psalm 139 that God knows us and all our desires long before we are concieved in our mother,s womb. Our blessings are already given us. We just receive them by faith when the time comes. May God continue to bless you as your continue to bless others in your ministry.

  57. kay Oruche says:

    May God bless the new baby as he or she comes in this world and believe you are not alone,God listen to prayers and and greatly blesses, for His own Glory to come to pass.and thank you so much for keeping me busy with the words of God,remain blessed.

  58. Deborah Fred Hart says:

    Congratulations dear. I rejoice with you on your upcoming princess and pray God
    to continue grant all your requests and heart desires. Fred and I have two boys and
    a girl. Pray God blesses His children desiring these gifts. God bless you real good and
    safe delivery and a wonderful life to mm n child.

  59. God so loved us, let’s enjoy the bundle of joy that has provided for us with love.

    They call me Sticks Mofokeng SOuth AFrican VIva MAndela

  60. Noel Lepcha says:

    Congratulation from the depth of my heart. You two deserve this blessings as you are laboring hard to encourage every

    one to memorize the word of the lord. God has honored you two as a result of honoring God by honoring HIS words.

    Keep encouraging others.

    Lastly I would like to quote- 1 Timothy 2:15


  61. michelle henry says:

    congratulations on your third pregnancy and continue trusting in the lord for a safe delivery,somehow the words that you all seem to write at that moment I wlll be dealing with a situation in my life,may god continue to bless you all.

  62. congratulations my spiritual mentors for de good news

  63. Anna Osei says:

    Don and Dwan I really thank GOd for your lives. Indeed the bible says whatsoever we asked in his name he will do it , yes The Lord has done it for you, it’s amazing,, what a beautiful gift, a baby girl praise The Lord. We are rejoicing with you. The bible says to us we should put our trust in The Lord at all times, amen.

  64. Dear Don & Dwan

    I praised God with you , I thank you for your faith in God , for the eyes are on the Righteous and His ears are attentive to their prayers , but the face of Lord is against those who do evil , so God Heard your prayers for girl

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