Why You Should Memorize Scriptures?

Have Fun Memorizing Scriptures!

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  1. Isaac Cerei says:

    Hey! There I Agree with memorising scriptures..really powerfull.

    • anthony buckmon says:

      . This is an outstanding video, and give thanks to you guys for sharing it, but here’s where my frustration comes in. I as a sure many people has been on their walk with trouble, pitfalls, and unspeakable danger. There are the devils minions who has been strategically placed in order to divert us along the way, and then u have self proclaimed christians who decides to help the devil, free at charge for him, by impeding the sincere God walkers, by selling excellent tools on the side like greedy vendors. Is you guys belief that only those with money should benifit from tools that will help them gain the devices needed that the genteleman, Mr. John Piper I believe his name is spoke of in a sweet, and prophetic way. I am not judging you Don and Dawn, because i dont have the right and i dont know your problems, but i am sadden, because God obviously think highly of the two of you by giving you the gift to reach and help his people and you just couldnt resit taking your reward here on earth instead of the Kingdom. Thank you but know thanks, I guess i will have to find my help else where. I will pray for you guys, in hope the you will see with the spirituals eyes that I assume you say you have, and realize that the true riches are in follow Jesus examples not mans, How many cars, houses, private jets, and maid servants do you guys need before you decide to do God’s sincere work, I am pleading with you as a man who is desperately trying to redirect his family from the path of destuction that I have lead them own, so please read Luke 14: 13 & 14, It appears you guys havent memorized that scripture, its in the Bible also. One more thing, word of advice it’s coming from love not arogance, because you guys are on the same road to glory that I am on, you two maybe way more advanced in this spiritual walk, but for whatever reason God had us bump into each other amisdt of of these journey walkers on the path, to tell u that niether of u are binded by your relationship with each other to allow the other to veer you of the path, directly on to the devil’s path of destuction. at least one of you guys should take a stand for God’s people and say No more we have all the money that Our God said we need and its now time to feed our other brothers and sister, that are lame, sick poor, and blind. Realise Mr. Piper of the shame that you put on him by making him appear to be a pimp with spiritual passion as his cain and weapon of choice. He has the God give of passion, and now I dont want to hear him speak agin either. God bless, give God’s people what he gave to you for his people. We are die on the beating path, we cant just keep stepping over the bodies, when we have the tools to revitalize them. You dont have to help me, I realize how out of line I am. but you dont know my struggle, and the joy that it has given me sense i finally except one of God’s gift. Discerment, its the most wonderful thing i have ever gotten, It has opened my heart and mind in ways that i never would have imagine, so I am begging you, if you truly have God’s gift for his people, share it with them, not sell it to them. Thank you

      • I am equaly or morehurt. I wish brethern that you could send at least a few pages in a form of a news letter because some of us realy want to grow spiritual. I have a big problem in memorising a single verse. I want the staff but I do not have the money. And itlooks like your materials are getting expensive. God help me! I am from a small developing country with a very poor economy. At times we do not get paid on time.I whole heartedly desire God in all possible clean means. I want to experience Him personaly!.

        • Don and Dan, I would be more happy to view the videos. I follow all the steps to open but still cant. I am burning to see them WHAT MUST iDO?

          I need to learn to memorise the verses to enrich my spiritual life.I need what ever tool to help me!

      • Mr Buckmann
        I just love your letter and agree with everything you saying.

        • Edith Emereonye says:

          l love to learn more from you Don about God.

          • Khunjulwa Somdaka says:

            I’m enjoying reading your daily msgs more especially the 1 on spiritual fortress and I’m quite revived.. You are a blessing in disguise. May God bless you.

      • Eduardo Diaz says:

        Mr. Buckman,

        I find it needful to share the following with and with all who might read. Firstly, I understand your frustration, and some of your points in regards to those who sell the blessing which the lord has freely given them. Although I share the same conviction, I see it proper to share with you the perfect balance. The Bible teaches, that we work out our own salvation with fear and trembling. This simply means that WE are responsible for seeking God in the efforts of spiritual growth and ultimately, to secure our salvation. With that said, we can’t always depend on others to provide what we need to labor for on an individual way. The Bible also state, to study to show YOURSELF approved of God, in other words’ there is a special, infinite time between myself and the lord which in actuality presents a clear understanding of meditation. Meditation, in essence, is reciting the word of God in our heart, the more we exercise this the more memorization we will accomplish. In a nutshell, we don’t have to buy books and magazines in order to learn what God has freely given his people, simply seek that you may find. By no means Im I attempting to attack anyone, I simply want to encourage you all to make your effort in establishing a form of study without having to depend on others.
        Be blessed, the lord guide you all.
        Eduardo. Diaz

        • JOYOFTHELORD says:

          There beloved saint,
          Salvation is personl and we all have to seek God, remember that the bible says in Jeremiah 31:31-34
          JOHN 14:26 says that the The Holy Spirit will teach you. Make The Holy Spirit your everything first. He will guid your steps in everything you need to know. every other books or articles of faith ministers are only attribution to our walk with Christ which serves most time as encouragements by sharing experience on different issues of life. You are not obliged to buy books. if you feel like buying do so but always be lead by the Spirit first in all things. It is a pitty that some people who are not financially fit can not always profit from the experiences written in some books. But lets trust God that He is all knowing and will always help you out of every situation. Books can not help you out but God can. Faith can help you if you back it up with action James 2:24. There is nothing wrong attaining more education for your faith if you can afford it. know also that these people make also some expencies in printing those books. The all knowing God will judge every motive of men.
          Peace to your body soul and mind.

          • BLESSING says:

            Amen..nothing is impossible with the LORD if you just: trust in GOD, have FAITH in HIM, and let the HOLY SPIRIT guide you..Thank you

      • I totally agree with you. I had the same thought too

      • DESIREE says:

        Thanks for a powerful lesson,so plain and simple and so true

      • Denise says:

        Thank you for your reply. I am a Theology student getting my Masters. I took one look at this video and thought…

      • Victor Akinpelu says:

        You have said it all. I just cannot reconcile all what these men and women of faith espouses with their request for monetary reward for tracts, pamphlets, books and dvds.

        It’s a pity.

      • David Omonua says:

        There is really no need for all you said. There is no doubt that there are some people out there twisting the bible for profit but we should also understand that majority are out there with genuine motive.
        If the gift of discernment you have is telling you these guys are wrong, forget about them and pray for them. However, you must understand that the devil will not motivate somebody to put up something that will teach you to memorize the scripture which is a weapon against him.
        Your blessings are connected to your gifts. There is nothing absolutely wrong with someone profiting from his gift. I would rather advice you to ask for a discount

      • Jose Flores says:

        I agree with Mr Buckmon….there is no wrong in getting some joy of your hard work…and security. But sharing the Word and using your GOD GIVEN gifts should be used exactly for that to spread the Good News and that has always been rewarded by things not of this world…but of the next world…the Kingdom of God. That’s where your benefits shall be payed. I can’t help but think that your return even in this world will be greater if you provided your gifts free of charge. God works wonderfully in that way. I pray that the Holy Spirit infuse in you the gift of Knowledge…and Gods humility…that’s the only way to understand truly what giving from the heart and receiving from Gods bountifulness is.

    • “It is sweet, very sweet”……indeed

    • This video was outstanding…. I was touched by each and every words…

    • That was mouth full, excellent I will be good doing and memorizing the word of the living God
      Thanks for the excellent help


    • Arnaldo José says:

      I agree…thank you!

    • Jona Lamor says:

      Loved the short and powerful message from Mr Piper . One thing that spike me out in joy was how he mentioned in one of his point saying “faith comes from hearing and hearing the word of God.” Ironically this was the same scripture that i was memorizing yesterday. It feels like everything is blending in well with my spiritual life . Am so moved and blessed . Once again thank you Mr Don for the encouragements and testimony.
      Thank you Jesus

    • Hermina Coltes says:

      I agree that memorizing scriptures is important for us christians every thing MRPiper said is truth .I want to get the book to me in memorizing the scriptures soon ,thank you DON and DAWN for sending me the video.THANK you JESUS for your love

    • Good video and it true we do need the sword in this devil world! God bless and thanks!

    • abisheka cynthikeya says:

      this video is awesome. by watching this video we understand the truth about memorizing sctiptures and having an intimate relationship with god and live victoriously with the help of god

    • michael fetalino says:

      it is the first time i saw on video the brother John Piper i’m familiar with his name i possess one of his book, titled Jesus demand for the world, but i didn’t finish it yet. i’m been a Christian for 3 year during my first year the Lord help me to memorize about 50 verses. not much but by Grace of God it happened, if i’m not wrong it was during my 5 months as a son of God. also during my first year as a Christian i begin to share God Word and i do that it’s all because of His grace He enable me. at the moment i’m still studying and sharing the Word only not really consistent, my sharing, my study also interrupted. but don’t you worry i have a daily conversation with our Mighty Creator he change me. and there is a deep conviction in me i should do more. one night i said i will start again to memorize scripture but when start again those 50 verse i memorize before i can hardly recall even 10. as of my sharing the Words when i start sharing the word of the Lord what i read on the Bible just pouring back and i can deliver it. but i cannot tell where it is located memorizing the scripture i struggle in memorizing from which book it is the chapter and verse i find it hard to keep it in my mind. the video simply move me in tear crying to God and thanking Him he know our desire and now he show me how to accomplished this, memorizing His Holy Word. regards to all.

    • Thank you Don & Dawn for the video which content Holy Spirit has also spoken to my heart to internalize GOD’S WORD which is living, active and powerful. I caught sight of your website expressing interest to help brothers and sisters-in-Christ along this path.

      I discern that waiting upon you can best be spent by getting myself started with the help of HOLY SPIRIT, MY TEACHER & COUNCILOR. I will take a positive step In faith to memorize one verse at a time & meditate on it with my heart,mind & soul. I stand on the promise of JESUS that HE WILL GRANT ME THE DESIRE OF MY HEART AS I DELIGHT IN HIM (THE WORD ) ACCORDING TO HIS WILL .

      I wish to unsubscribe from your mailing list & may GOD direct your path.

    • derrick hewitt says:

      I love it god blessing

    • Kazy Berry says:

      I didn’t think about that how powerfull it is in that way, i feel excited to do that, it i asume.

    • Priscilla Freeman says:

      Yes I agree because the devil is out there and I meet up with a lot of people that are lost in the world and they talking about the people in the church and that’s where we come in at to tell them about the word of God and at that time you don’t have your bible with you so it’s really a good thing to know the word of God in your heart it’s our weapons so we can be able to share the goodiness of God bless you.

    • Knowing scripture has given me peace of mind, and victory over attacks of persecution, depression, and attacks of rumours and lies. God’s word has spoken to me many times in my life, and also has warned me many times of oncoming attacks from satan, using his co-horts, people who live for the god of this world. |If I did not know the scriptures, and personally know Jesus, I am sure I would be either in a mental hospital, or in such a state of depression because of all the trials and persecutions.

      For example:
      I have been so beaten down at my job, which actually had nothing to do with my work ethics……They couldn’t find anything wrong with my work at all, so the attacks came through predators (men who like to assault women) and then denied that this was happening, and used a phony investigator to cover for the business, then spread rumours throughout 3000 employees that I was crazy, emotional, a liar, a trouble maker, blah blah blah……God’s word has sustained me, but through many tears, I am stronger than ever with my Lord and Saviour. I do not have to worry what man can do to me, but only to love Jesus. I cannot repay evil for evil, but to pray for my enemies, which I do in simple obedience. The word of God has given me clear direction in the way I am too walk, and has given me victory over every assault that has been against me……
      Physological warfare is very real. We do have an enemy as this preacher says……And there are many people satan uses to destroy us. Take heart my dear brothers and sisters………Blessed are they when men shall revile you and persecute you……..This shows to me that I must be a threat to the enemy, because of all the persecutions, but I will always prevail with Jesus. What can man do to us? The worst is to kill me, then I will be with my Saviour…..
      God’s will be done, Pray always for those that are lost! There is mighty mighty power in praying.
      Love in Christ
      See you in heaven

    • Nathalie Omari says:

      Yes i aggree, memorising scriptures Is so powerful, it helps me in every situation
      i might face, Nathalie Omari, Johannesburg

    • Saran Rugu says:

      Thank you so much, it inspired me, I am trying to take the note from the 8 point, can you please write to my email. I am strungle to memorise the Bible, and quit for sometime, after listen to this, it help me again. God bless this ministry.

    • Wow this is amazing l will do it u like it Satan or not l will memories the scriptures l want God to talk to me thru his word and all ways be close with him in Jesus name. Thanks to u Don and Dawn God bless u Amen

    • Sister Riley says:

      It’s good to know that there are people out there that are willing to help other fellow servants along in their scripture memorization process. Personally, I believe that if we read the Word of God daily as we are commanded to from the Word; then as His Word says..that He will bring all truth to your remembrance. But it will only happened if we put His Word in us. Just as we eat naturally. We need to eat spiritually. Eat the Word of God as often as you can and trust Him to do just what He says …bring all truth to remembrance. Grow in JESUS. Be bless.

    • Mark and Terri Snyder says:

      POWERFUL WORDS!! So true… EVERY word John Piper speaks… with Scripture hidden in my heart… I CAN SPEAK TO YHVH ANYWHERE!! That’s why I’m putting verses in… memorizing HIS WORDS to me… it’s a DISCIPLINE… but He WILL BE FAITHFUL TO DO IT, if I’ll commit to it!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing Johns video… POWERFUL REMINDER!!!!!!!

    • joyce seibert says:

      I loved it, so powerful, I was very pleased to see so comments from christians on this video.

  2. Its a very educative piece. Thank you.

  3. dyson karumazondo says:

    the teachings are very fruitfull,please carry on
    thank you

    dyson karumazondo

  4. I need to try this out and I have written down the 8 sentences and I seriously was not aware that it is this important to memorize scriptures, thank you it will really assist me in my walk with Jesus.

  5. I would love to buy your ebook so I too can have the scriptures memorized, however I don’t understand why giving my address is part of purchasing an ebook. Thank you for all the inspiring emails, I have learned a lot from them!!

  6. Stanley Roberts says:

    I agree with all the eight points 100% True

  7. If you memorize scriptures you could always go back to them and say them when you having a bad day, a bad relationship with anyone, even just to say it.

  8. Veronica says:

    This video has open my eyes because i was made to believe that if you are not actually reading your bible everyday that you are committing sin …..but i forget the scripture that says i will keep Gods word in my heart and meditate on it day in and day out.
    thank you veronica

  9. That is so true. It does help if you memorize scripture. I need to get better at it. I am always saying “Where is that in the Bible?” and going to look things up. You have to make an effort and take time to do it. Study every day like when you were in school. Pray! Thanks..good message.

    • Blessing says:

      Totally agree..memorizing scripture is a very powerful message from the LORD and you can use it against your enemy the devil, and for those who doesn’t believed in the bible..thank you

  10. i have forgotten that memorising the word of god is the only way to have him in your heart forever.

  11. I really love to share these to you guys. I do hope it opens your eyes on the true power of having scriptures by memory.

  12. I found this message to be most powerfully important to apply God’s Word to every area of my life and thereby being prepared for the situations that I face each day. The Bible truly is life sustaining for healing encouragement and living victoriously and most of all a beautiful love story of how the Lord loves us so much with an everlasting love. I love the truth and comfort of the Lord’s promises. What book in this world can offer that? No other book can. So absolutely it is vital to memorize and meditate on God’s Word.

  13. I’m happy I have link with you. I really wanted to know more of the word of God. I hope to learn more from you. Thank You

  14. Mercy Arul says:

    Indeed a thought provoking message! And its practical!

  15. Really inspiring.we need to memorize scriptures to live victoriously

  16. It’s indeed very powerful…but only for those who possess it.

    Glad you guys love this video.

  17. I also agree based on memorising scriptures because it helps a lot for instance,when you are facing a very critical situation finding that the bible is afar from you,then you think about the memorised scripture that God said in his word that the is no challenge that is above my faith,then by that moment you will become strong then tackle that situation;infact memorising scritures help you to be filled with God’s word.

  18. Scott Braig says:

    I am thankful for the message as it is helping me with my walk with Christ and as my mom is always telling me, “Believe in the word of God and in him and he will take care of me”. Thanks John and mom.

  19. Jho M.C. says:

    Yes! i agree that everybody should have a desirable heart to know the scriptures and memorize it. God’s words are great help to be a better person. It says in 2 Timothy 3:16-17 “All Scripture are God breathed. It is useful for teaching, correcting, rebuking & training in righteousness so that a man of God will thoroughly equipped in every good works”. thank you, it is an inspiring word that give a lot of guidance & to lead me as i walk with God…

  20. Gary Kullenberg says:

    Thanks Jon for recommending this, it was great. I never knew that memorizing scripture was such a giant sword against satan.

    Please keep your messages coming.

    Gary Kullenberg
    Cocoa, Florida


  22. awesome – God bless!!

  23. Danie Goosen says:

    As long as the memorizing is an act of faith and not works. One of my favorites is Mal 3:16/7 Then the people who feared the LORD spoke to one another, and the LORD listened and heard what they said. In his presence, there was written down in a book a record of those who feared the LORD and respected him. “They will be my people,” says the LORD Almighty. “On the day when I act, they will be my very own. I will be merciful to them as parents are merciful to the children who serve them.”
    We worship a God that make notes what we say when we talk to another. He is an awesome God. And Jesus defending us with the Father, and the Holy Spirit that guide us to truth.

  24. Really refreshing!

  25. Yomi Olajubu says:

    I love this and I’m blessed by it

  26. Good if you know about the word of GOD. It strengthen your FAITH specially when you are down. GOD is so good all the time…….

  27. Mr. A.P. Lalamani says:

    This is so good, i think all the christians are in need of this.

  28. i don’t know but indeed tough and easy as it can and the powerful works is manifested in even my friends life.

  29. awodiya olukayode says:

    I really thank God for your life for this video,i love this video, it really blessed my life and i want to watch and listen to it over and over again,especially point number 6,it is great,thanks and may God continue to empower you.

  30. Sandip Lanje says:

    This is very encouraging Spirit filled message by Pst. John Piper on subject of oue need for Memorising Scriptures.

  31. J.Cesar Rocha says:

    It is very important to discuss the scriptures!

  32. IT’s very good ,I know many people like these. coz it can help for everybody.Thank you

  33. yes it is really important from the true christians to have a the word of God in Our life specially in our mind and in our heart, this are very best Shade specially in this present time, i almost 50 years old at Age Now,but im very proud to ask from my self to Share her(experience) i say, i have Enough memorize verse during at my young life,but i say insactly 100 memorize verse at this moment i dont know if i have.but only i know i have put it the word of God in my heart,so memorize verse it is the best Powerful……….I Agree..

  34. David Kengwa says:

    I am very happy and very blessed by this, even if it is short, but it is like a concentrated food full of revelations and very powerfull and very educative! I wish we can get a piece of it in french so that people here in my contry could olso benefit it, and in other french specking contries! It is very swuit! Thanks very much! We need to memorise scruptures so that we can aford and overcome these bad prophetes who are passing house by house with long ties and big hand bags telling christians to change their way of believing God and,……..

  35. Memorising is All Good!!!!,

    we need Gods word, on our Hearts to use as a “2edged Sword”….
    1 way of memorising, is whatever negatives” we go thru in life .
    .we find the scriptures to suit
    and confess and pray with that Word
    untill it comes to pass..
    .that way we using our faith
    and will never forget that word that helped us overcome..

  36. It helps. most especially when i am down spiritually or depressed, will dwell on the memorized scriptures pertaining to the situation at hand and will be lifted up. Thank you very much.

  37. saroj singh says:

    Really without meditation of god words we are not able to called a perfect Christian.Our life will be fruitfull by only memorizing the god’s words.thank u very much for this encouraging video.hope to get more mails and videos from you.really your messages gives me strength to struggle in my daily life thank you very much….god bless you.

  38. it is imformative

  39. i would say yes to all becouse they do inspire me

  40. Thank you for sharing this wonderful thoughts. Surely the Lord will bless you even more.

  41. really such a grt word that,why shud chritians memorized word…jesus daddy blessed me a lot…

  42. Fr. Joachim says:

    Fantastic. God bless.

  43. I could not hear what was said even after I turned up the volume. Thanks.

  44. my church and parents started expecting me to learn a memory verse a week from age 18 months old. Short ot partial verses to begin with. By gradeschool age we learned a verse a week for church and 2-3 per week for church school. by age 12 I had read the entire Bible 50 times from cover to cover. It stood me well during my teens and young adulthood. I’m now 64 and it has never failed me. Words come to mind often as situations arise and they guide and sustain me. I taught my children to memorise scripture as well. IT gave me 4 adults who avoided major troubles and are people to be proud of. The word keeps us and empowers us as it enlightens us. You can’t ask for anything with a better return than that for your efforts.

    • valentine coetzee says:

      goo day mam, i read our response and think i must follow that way of getting our kids to learn about GOD -JESUS and THE HOLY SPIRT.

      thank you for that
      yuors in CHRIST

  45. i watch the video over and over again and it lead me to simply memorize scriptures. when done, it cause differences

  46. Marissa S.J. Geronimo says:

    I was really bless in watching this video. On how and why we need to memorize the verses in the bible. Thank you very much….


  47. David Abraham says:

    The Blood of Jesus, The Name of Jesus and Scripture [the word of God] are the most powerful weapons against the enemy. Memorising the scriptures helps fighting the evil one with our testimony

  48. marianne says:

    so true! 🙂 i have experienced it.. when Satan starts to attack and instill ungodly thoughts in my mind, then i remembered the most relevant verse for that “assault” of the liar, from the bible, i know that i have defeated Satan 🙂 it’s really true, and the feeling? it’s really inexplicable, it’s beyond understanding 🙂 God’s Word is really really powerful! 🙂

  49. prabhakar says:

    Hi I agree with memorising scriptures are rreally powerful

  50. memorising scripture is a very powerful weapon one can use against the devil
    I agree 100% with the 8.Thank you

  51. I totally agree because Christians are told that our sword is the word and there for it should be part of our daily bread.

  52. thanks God!
    i was reminded to do it.

  53. Iam very happy about that,memorising scripture is really powerful.

  54. iam happy to see that video but i can’t see,mr jon where is it

  55. Waow.It very thoughtful of you.Thank you.

  56. Hebrews 4:12, For the Word of God is living and active.Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.

    the word of God is liken to a sword- sword is used in warfare, its a must that we should be equiped with every Word of God, to be able to pull down all strong holds of the evil one.

  57. This is definitely true, thanks and may God Bless You.
    This video really helps us fight life temptations using the word of God, I wish all christians could have this video, its amazing, Thanks

  58. It is a message in season, and it has refreshed my faith

  59. Elvis Ngobe says:

    This is very powerful, the teaching is fruitful keep on doing it.

  60. Kpam Non says:

    This is a wonderful work of God.

  61. Tamisha Paul says:

    A breathe of fresh air. All i want to do is just live for and serve God all the days of my life.



  63. I’m just starting to memorize scriptures but I know it can make me understand what message God wants me to receive.

  64. Nkechi Adimibe says:

    there are times you do not feel like praying ,but if you have memorized scriptures, just saying them is worship enough,we can never have enough of scriptures when you need it most ,it just pumps up like jack the box and you have that peace that money can not buy !

    • Nkechi Adimbe : I must disagree with your comment there sir. As it is important to read Gods words daily. As it helps you to keep in Gods commandments and not forget God died on the cross for your sins. And the fact. Once your saved. You can always keep in Gods commandments at all time. As it is easy to slip and forget God unless you read his words daily OK? As you always then remember what he tells us all when we read his words.

  65. Scriptures are brought to my mine by the Holy Spirit, just like the Word says He will. So I am being transformed by the renewing of my mind by the scriptures that I have read and memorized.

  66. hello i am sony i student bible and i play music my dreams i pasteur

  67. memorizing scripture guards my mind making it easier to detect error…

  68. thanks for the idea……I try to memorize the scripture…..starting today….God Bless..

  69. luningning Almazan says:

    Inspiring. I like it

  70. Powerful words keep up the good faithful work in Jesus name!!!

  71. Andrew Garland says:

    This answered my question that I had just asked the Lord my God,how can I seek and find Him more.How is this for an answer?!I always knew this but it needs to gain momentum and your testimony has confirmed my belief and am sure will drive me into greater action and inspire more enthusiasm.Thank you!

  72. Zacharia Madahana says:

    This is very true of John Piper!!!.God bless Him & together with his church.


  73. Adina CBH says:

    GREAT! This is pretty powerful and needed for even those of us ‘old’ in the faith!

  74. Thank you for sharing these 8 key points for us to reflect on in our attempts to memorize scripture.

  75. that is so true.thank you man of Gog.

    • When I began to listen to this program, I said to myself. This is what I was looking for, since a long time. I can memorize Psalm 133, but I never have got to do the same with -Psalm 23, Why it ? I’m a brazlian old man, I can speak, write and understand English. I have a Holy Bible in two languages. English/Portuguese and I use it for impoving my Engligh. Por favor, respondam-me ?

  76. Hi am David my wish is to see videos,but I am not able. Maybe is because I am using blackberry. Can u please bcos I really wonna see them.

  77. margret alex says:

    Its a very powerful tool of. A solid christian life. It builds our faith and draws us closser to God.

  78. Binu Jacob says:

    Memorizing God’s word gives me might when I’m in stress and darkness. When I meet people of my own state, I can simply console them by throwing the power of His words.

  79. wanyama sammy says:

    man of God if the devil realizes that you are empowered by the word, absolutetly we can hit him on the head! Am very uplifted with the video, Godbless. wanyama sammy

  80. Thank you so much for the good and encouraging messages you have been sending to me on scripture memorization, i have grown to know more on the topic and i thank God for you. May the Almighty God continue to bless you more.

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    you continue in My Word then you are My disciples indeed and you shall know the truth and the truth shall MAKE you free .
    if you abide in the Word of God and the Word of God abides in you then you sha.ll ask what you will and it shall be done unto you… Being not a hearer but a doer of the work … Is the wise man of Matt.7:24…. Now hear here is our Greatest Test Gen.3:5-7 Proverbs 3:5-7 1&2 Cor.4,7 do you doubt that Matt. 8:8-10 is the heart of the matter of Gen.1:26 {talken bout spiritual development of character} leading to Eph.4:13 thus His Word is a mirror to bring us into His likeness 2Cor.3:18

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