Isn’t She Adorable?

Have Fun Memorizing Scriptures!

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  1. Samson Chitalika says:

    God is great.may his blessings dwell upon this girl to do greater things in life.Glory be to God!!!

  2. odwar joseph says:

    That is the work of God do not stop it.

  3. The LORD is Mighty to give His word to the children before those who think they are adults. God looks to the hear,t does not care about looks or ages. Parents keep your daughter in His word and she will never go right or left when she is older. Memoraizing bible verses is like bring life to your soul, body and mind.

  4. praise GOD its really inspiring, GOD is good he give knowledge and wisdom to his little children like you my dear.please continue memorizing the words of GOD,Glory to be GOD.

  5. praise GOD its really inspiring, GOD is good he give knowledge and wisdom to his little children like you my dear.please continue memorizing the words of GOD,Glory be to

  6. praise GOD its really inspiring, GOD is good he give knowledge and wisdom to his little children like you my dear.please continue memorizing the words of GOD,Glory be to GOD

  7. lovelynestal says:

    such a cute little girl.. truly she is blessed to have parents who teach her with the word of God..

  8. she’s a cute little girl.. truly she is blessed cause she have parents who teaches the word of God

  9. Gordon Mukonyezi says:

    I really admire the little girl, she’s really inspiring! Wish her all the blessing of God!

  10. Isn’t she just!. I see you have planted the seed, I gathered half way through that she was reciting psalm 23. May the blessing of the almighty God be upon your household and particularity your daughter.
    My 70’s birthday was on the 7 June and my dauhgter born me a grandson on the 6 June, may God be praise?.

  11. asingwire Rauben says:

    she is blessed girl. may the lord God adds more wisdom

  12. Catherine says:

    Amazing!!!! God is so powerful to give even little kids a memory to retain long and more information. Am challenged by that. God bless her greatly. Amen!!!

  13. alleluia praise the lord really little child inspire me so much.may god bless you always .

  14. And a child shall lead.Beautiful

  15. Samuel Geji says:

    Little children should be taken to Jesus and they should not be stopped by any body. Glory to God.

  16. Alleluia praise the lord really little child inspire me so much.Wish her all the blessing of God!

  17. This little girl can memorize scripture at such a young age we all can do it too. Her doing this should motivate all of us to do the same thing. It just takes practice.

  18. Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. (Proverbs 22:6 KJV)

    Most women have a desire to be a mother and men have a desire to be a father. This is a natural desire that God has given us. Once a child is born into your family it is the parent’s responsibility to raise that child appropriately. Guess what, anything that you purchase from the store comes with an instruction manual. Well, children also have an instruction manual. The goal is to follow it. Throughout the Bible………

    May our Almighty Creator extend his merciful hand that is full of his Love, Care, Wisdom and Provision throughout her life…God Bless Her Always……

  19. Georges Mukendi says:

    God never changes. Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Mat 19:14

    • johnny wilson says:

      wao, this is a great chalenge to me, God bless this wonderful parent, i wish am the one. my prayers is , God will strengthing me to train my kids as i ve seen now, God bless this kid and uphold her in all the days of her life


  21. Ibe Kelly says:

    Mathew 21:16 Jesus said, Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings thou hast perfected praise?

    Proverb:22:6: Train up a child in the way he should “go”: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

    Psalms:119:105: Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.

    Jas:1:21: Wherefore lay apart all filthiness and superfluity of naughtiness, and receive with meekness the engrafted word, which is able to save your souls.

  22. SARAH JOSEPH says:

    Dear Bro. Jon, Thank you for the video which I saw. Jesus has blest the lil 3yr old with godly parents.It’s so important in these last days to hide the Word of God in our hearts. May we all have the desire to memorize the Word of God daily.Our prayers are with the lil girl & her family.

  23. train a child the way of the lord and he/she will not diviate when he/she grows up

  24. May the Lord pour out more of His blessings upon this child!Parents here is a lesson to learn.Our children need to know the word from such a tender age.I`m greatly inspired.

  25. poline njagi says:

    wow this is great, actually she is adorable!

  26. Hulisani says:

    I is very good and inspiring when it is children who is doing this because christ said let them come to me may god be the glory

  27. My husband and I both had the opportunity to work with the “Awana” Program where children memorize bible verses. These little ones are so precious and amazing how quickly they can memorize a verse.

  28. nana yqw says:

    God, please bless these kids. You’ve instructed us to teach the children the way they should go nad they will not depart from it. Father, bless their parents too. And finally, bless me. Amen

  29. stjohn femi says:

    this is helpful but there is need to see how the epistles can also be easily memorized. its a good work you are doing. God bless

  30. such a cute little girl.. truly she is blessed to have parents who teach her with the word of God..all the parents should do this .
    its a blessing……………….MAY GOOD GOD BLESS THEM….

  31. Sweet!! Congratulations for teaching your child. You will get your reward….God bless.

  32. genevieve says:

    God bless u little cute girl you are a truly God’s daughter…..”TO GOD BE THE GLORY”

  33. God is good all the time! Helleluia and praises to God who blesses us with life and everything in it!!!
    This little girl is very inspiring… Thanks Jon for your spiritual wisdom and inspirations.
    To God be the glory thru Jesus Christ our Lord.!!

  34. saroj singh says:

    so cute….this girl must have some special plan of God…may god bless her and her family.

  35. Glory be to God Jesus really loves the little children, is a challenge to those Christians today/

  36. May the Dear Lord bless these little children and they may continue to grow in Him.
    Ps. 8:2 ‘From the lips of children and infants you have ordained praise’.

  37. Glory be to God,May the almighty showers his blessing onto the little girl.

  38. Lyn Ang says:

    It is wonderfull. To God be glory.

  39. phew… i need to wake up…it was a challenge to such a toddler recite the Psalm and even though there was help in the background it was impressive…. what about teaching our children? few of us do it yet we are born again.

    Keep up good work and God bless,

  40. judy tinney says:

    To sing a memory verse is the best way for me to learn scripture. I am working on sending some to youtuble soon. ‘My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge’ Hosea 4:6

  41. kpam.non says:

    This is wonderfull.My children will watch this.

  42. anak akeen says:

    she is the most custest thing on earth ill learn ffrom her

  43. mae angela says:

    Memorizing memory verse our responsibility us a Christian and follower of our Lord God, but the best of it is to apply the verse to our daily living. (=

  44. It really so amazing for a little child like this to share her inspirational words to us. May the Almighty God Bless Her more and also dwell His blessings upon the parents.


  45. Its almost 7X i watched repeatedly her memorizing gestures. She is a wonder coz Jesus made this to her. I am blessed indeed!

  46. AMEN! i will teach little children d same! Thanks for inspiring!

  47. Phillip says:



    hey she so adorable, it makes me so proud of my lord who has made her in his own image n likeness… n i look up to her n will learn n teach my child to

  49. Its more than adorable, and it remind us as adult to memorize the word of God,and He is there to give us wisdom as eff1:17-19 says.

  50. this is wonderful, how i wish all children try this and even the grown ups. we memorise strange songs even outside our mother tongues which can be of no use to us but we hardly try to memorize bible verses which is of immense benefit to our lives here and after. this kid is a challenge to me and i believe to many out here. To God be honour and benediction.

  51. Kathleen Pedro says:

    To God be the Glory.

    • This is great. Let us try by all means to train up our children in this manner. Let them have the bible at heart. I feel this will even help to lessen problems of sin. God bless the little girl. May she continue doing His work and encourage other little ones to do the same. I feel this is a challenge to us parents. Let us stand up and teach our children to memorize the scriptures as much as possible.

  52. sandra john says:

    that is what jesus is talking about when he says in matt 9:14 suffer little children,and forbid them not to come unto him for such is the kingdom of heaven.little one continue memorizing the word of god an he will grant you yr heart desire.keep up the good work for jesus>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.god bless

    • sandra john says:

      matt 19:14 jesus said suffer little children an forbid them not to come unto him for such is the kingdom of heaven.

  53. Glory,Glory, Glory, to the most high God!!!!!! keep it up!

  54. Halleluya, Glory, to the most high God!!!!!! keep it up!

  55. she is sweet, she has made my day and i have been inspired to teach my children God’s word

  56. Somchai Chatnuntawej says:

    Praise the Lord for His work in this cute and adorable girl!
    I have to teach and guide my children to memorize His precious words
    meditate and do according to God’s words.

  57. May God bless this child and her parents who have been such a blessings to her

  58. That child is so adorable…parents do nt stop continue encouraging her that she is in the right path

  59. Just as I read, the bible says……. teach them the way of the lord and they shall not depart from it…God bless her parent.

  60. To God be the Glory forever and ever!

  61. To God be the Glory, forever and ever!

  62. I am so amazed what Father God can do in our Lives,especially in our families,If we parents are starting to tell our children about this wonderful God,He will be very happy,and he will be partying up in heaven with his angels when he knew some souls are talking about him and look to him alone for everything they do,they want,and what he will do and give to those that believes and have faith in him and truely..truely believe that GOD WE ARE NOTHING WITHOUT YOU AND CAN DO NOTHING WITHOUT YOU.
    Love you Father God!

  63. phyllis says:

    kindly let me know how to get the scripture memory verse book
    without having to order online. which other way to pay for it please!

  64. Franklin Santhosh says:

    Hi Kid keep it up . Surely God will Grant you success and prosperity and you will be like a fruit bearing tree which is planted near the river. May God Bless You . ” Heavenly Father, Help us to treasure the worlds of your mouth more than our Daily bread. Lord, We know that your words has power , and help us to read and memorize your powerful words. And help us not to neglect you golden words ” In Jesus Name Amen.

  65. Tambor Lyngdoh says:

    For like these (children) belongs to tyhe kingdom of God ( Mark 10:14)

  66. Tambor Lyngdoh says:

    For like these (children) belongs to the kingdom of God ( Mark 10:14)

  67. It’s awesome,she’s indeed adorable,God bless her and those behind such a great job,well-done.
    thank you

    • A little child shall lead the way. I always have a soft spot for children and get really emotional if they are mistreated, I love that little girls’ spirit she and many more should be encouraged to go on, live for Jesus that’s what matters. Blessings on her and her parents.

  68. Bettylou Domingo says:

    great!! I also have a granddaughter, Kathryn Raine who can memorize Ps 23 since she was 2yrs and 4 months old. She’s 3yrs and 4months old now. She was told to recite this Psalm in two memorial services already. God be praised!!!

  69. Marie Maiden says:

    That was adorable and it inspired me to recite the scripture along with her. May God Bless this child and her parents.

  70. Elena S. Pura says:

    Truly God doesn’t choose as to who He’ll use as His instrument..Like this girl, she could memorize long verses in the Bible. That’s how God uses her. I like this girl. God has given her talent in memorizing Bible verses. Glory to God!

  71. Yvonne Branch says:

    It’s a true saying..A little child shall lead you. It is amazing how God
    has already blessed this girl with the ability to memorize scriptures.
    Watch the video again and see how she touches parts of her body to
    remember her lines . She has taught me something. May she continue to inspire others

  72. Catherine Ting says:

    Praise the Lord for the gift in this child! Praise God too for the parents! Amen!

  73. GOD BLESS YOU little inspiring,i salute your parents for being the good model.

  74. You remind me of my daughter too who has memorized this. I didn’t force her. She just listened to me every night until one day she was praying it. And she ends it with ; in Jesus name I pray. Amen. God bless the dear children.

    • I have been struggling for months to memorize some verses of scripture but cant,I am going on my sixty fifth birth day could that have any thing to dowith it?

  75. Johannes SoetrisnoImy favour too - everyday I pray/sing - leadme how to learn "the shepard leadership" says:

    Psalm 23 leads us how to learn “the sheppard leader ship”


  77. Julio Angkel says:

    “There are many rooms in my Father’s house, I will go prepare rooms for you, and i will come back and take you there. I will not tell you these, if it were not true!” I trust in the assuring words of our Lord.

  78. He’ll raise the poor to die with the kings and queens in their palaces. psalms 113:7 but this time, He has raised the young to have a mature memorizing mind like the old. may the Lord who has started this journey for her carry it on until the day of her Lord Jesus Christ. Philippians 1:6. Now i know that with or without a spiritual leader, i can memorize verses and praise my Lord.

  79. Good morning!Be blessed! You are a beautiful child.Nice confessions of Psalm 23.Thanks.

  80. Blessed be this little sweetheart! Truly, God’s own creation!! All praise and glory to HIm!!!

  81. gentiana says:

    is so great , I really enjoy it, she is a beautiful child
    blessed be her little heart

  82. Mary P Morgan says:

    God gave to Women the Heart and to men Mind. May the good Lord who have started this mission in her heart continoues to narish it to its end.

  83. I happy that GOd can even do more than we think God bless u my angle

  84. R. Craig says:

    So very precious! May God be with her always! Its so awesome to see young children know God’s word. I commend the parents for raising her in a Christian home. May God Bless your family!

  85. God’s able

  86. May God Bless you abundantly and fill you with Holy Spirit.

  87. Gertrude Richemond says:

    She is adorable , vey inspirational to my grandchildren

  88. Nancy Chauke says:

    She is adorable. May God bless her and give her more wisdom

  89. soooo admirable, cute and smart little girl. GOD bless you more with wisdom.GOD bless your GOD fearing family as well.

  90. Theresa Ufot James says:

    Truely God is Mighty. I love the little baby.

    • Maria-Stella Ibeh says:

      This little girl is amazing beyond imagination. Well done my petal, and may God’s grace continue to keep you and bless who ever that has been mentoring you in the name of Jesus Amen!!!


  91. That is wonderful my grandchild. Keep it up and be blessed. Amen

  92. Solomon Emmanuel says:

    Remember, If God is all you have, You have all you need. she have God. many God you .

  93. ANNE NWABUNOR says:

    This is great, good and admirable. She is adorable indeed. I decree that the manifestation of God will continue to grow in her from age to age in the name of Jesus Christ.. AMEN.

    Thanks to you Don for motivating my inspiration quest for godliness.

  94. If it’s for God should be just donation.

  95. Its really inspiring and am totally challeged by such a wonderful little girl!

  96. Phumzile says:

    God is good. How I wish I have started at early age as that little girl. Don and Dawn keep up the good work. May God bless you and the cute girl not to mention her parents.

  97. God is so powerful,as a sunday school teacher i knw how kids are,teachind god s words at an early age is the best medication….they grow up to be strong in faith…unshaken

  98. Psalm 8:2 Out of the mouths of infants and babes YOU have ordained PRAISE because of YOUR enemies to silence them. Praise The LORD!

  99. Thank you for sharing with the world, She is already a witness for Christ!!!

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