A pleasant surprise!

You’re in a pleasant surprise.

As I mentioned in my email, we have a special treat for you as our dear and loyal subscribers.

You can now get a copy our best-selling book “The Supreme Memory Book” for half the price.

That’s right! 50% off.

Click for the special link.

Obviously, we can’t give away this great deal forever.

So this offer will be limited from today to August 31, 2011 only.

Click for the special link again.


Don and Dawn
P.S. Please don’t share this special link to non-subscribers. Thanks!


  1. John Hamilton says:

    Just an observation!! This ‘pleasant surprise’ message and the e-mail that invited us to the site are dated today’s date 29 August. The offer is stated to expire on 18 August! Interesting!

  2. Emily Motley says:

    Greetings and God be With You,

    Your announcement and discounted book surprise arrived today, 10 days after the deadline.

    • Jessica paul-smith says:

      Well i am low on cash right now and maybe for a good long while, like i always i rn low but not out,
      God’s blessings to you always, mean while I have my Bible the best book, don’t get me wrong i love reading other inspiring books too, God bless!!!

  3. Don and Dawn says:

    Sorry folks for the typo. Promo ends by September 1.

    God bless everyone!

  4. Lee Evans says:

    Tell us the cost and how to order. I don’t like clicking links until I know something about you. I do not want a virus!

  5. I fell in love with this book the very first day I came across it online. I love God and want to memorize the scriptures. But my problem is I don’t know how to get the money for it across to you. I am a Nigerian living in Nigeria & I don’t have a domicillary account.

  6. bernie hecita says:

    i really like that book, but apparently, i am here in the philippines .. is there any way that i can get it

    • Don and Dawn says:

      Hi Bernie.

      The book is downloadable to your computer. This way, you save money in shipping. You can always print it in your computer if you want.

      We only accept major credit cards.

      By the way, this book is only available on our website. You can’t buy this anywhere else.

  7. Irene Gatimu says:

    Am happy you are concerned with my spiritual life, fortunately am late to reply. May God bless you for the good work you are doing. Be blessed

  8. L Israel says:

    I really love to get my hands on the Memory Delight Software that you had on special offer,
    when are you gonna repeat that offer again?
    Thank you

  9. Sylvia Lincoln says:

    I’m in South Africa and need to buy or order the book how do I go about it?

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