What God Has Done For You In The Past?

After a visit to my dentist for a regular check up, I went home and watched TV. I chanced upon a commercial playing on television about a bank that tells of its strong credit line, wonderful service, innovative products and a history of credibility. As the narrator speaks, video clips of people shaking hands, smiling and even showing previous awards and recognitions. After watching this thirty second commercial, I wanted to go to their nearest branch and open an account. It clearly showed the solid track record of this company.

God does the same thing. He may not have a thirty second commercial but His proof of work is everywhere. His commitment to people is unprecedented. His track record is more than solid. It is faithful and never changing. He has delivered on time and has never broken a promise. His goodness continues and has never failed. That is the God that we serve.

My friend, I want you to remember today how God has moved in your life. Has He provided for your needs? Has He given you guidance especially during times of decision making? How about the time you pray for healing when you were had an injury? And when you needed strength, He gave it to you supernaturally, didn’t He?

Thirty seconds is not enough to tell the accounts of God’s track record. Every person on this planet has a story to say. They have a personal testimony to share of how God moved in their life. When people spanning from different generations, from different nations and from backgrounds voice out their personal experience with God, no one can deny His proven track record.

Post below the BIGGEST thing that God has done for you in the past.


  1. God has done great things in my life.He saved me when i was about to take my own life, he was there every step of the way. I am so grateful that he is so mindful of me and the thoughts he has of me are good. So i am here to testify that i am still here, growing strong with the word of God.

    • God has blessed me fully with a pilgrimage to the Holy Land in August. I never thought i would go there. It was an awesome pilgrimage and i encourage everyone to go there.

  2. God has saved me from the snares of the enemy countless times, he has reminded me that I am his beloved. He has also restored my spirit and soul after being broken at certain points in my life. God has blessed me with jobs when I really needed them. He has blessed me with the best mother in the Universe. God has been soo good in many aspects, most of all he has never left my side, and promises never to…I love him sooo much.

  3. Ursula Huret says:

    I was raised in a family in Germany, on the countryside, with a lot of horsebackriding, went to the protestant church for confirmation because my daddy promised me a poney and I got it. What I liked most was when we played theater, but I also prayed every evening until one of my horseback-riding-friends told me that you can believe in anything even the horsedung and it would work…well I guess he was mostly interested in having sex without bad conscience…..so I fell away from the Lord for some time, but the Lord didn’t leave me. I went to the USA for a year as an exchange-student where I met a baptist teacher of biologie, Mr Jay Hammel, with whom we went hiking in Beartoothcountry, there he often made us stop and listen to the creeks, and lateron he wrote a letter to me about his faith in Christ.
    My parents never really had talked to me about Jésus Christ, only my Grandmother was a real believer but she didn’t go to church either, her church was to walk in the woods. But she was very loving and we could come to her with any wish, most of the time when me or my brother were sick, we were sent to her place and she read stories to us for hours and went down to her cave to get some homemade fruit in sirop for us, she really was a godly grandmother. My parents got divorced and after my highschool diploma, that I had to do again in Germany after the states, I went to my mothers house in Freiburg. I went back to the states with a greyhound-bus ticket for 2 months and a friend whom I left soon after. On my own I hich-hiked down from Alaska until Seattle Washington, got raped by the way, went to a rainbow-gathering where I met the Love Israel family who invited met to their Restaurant and hotel on Queen Anne Hill Seattle and on their Farm, I met so many loving people who where so enlightened that I really wanted to read the Bible again, and we got up a 4 o’clock in the morning to do so and to meditate, but one night the gardener came into my tent planted in the Garden of Armagaddon…next morning he confessed and both of us got kicked out of the family. You can come back when you’ve repented from your sin…. I went up north apple-picking at the frontier of Canada, and then decided to go back. But finished up in a psych-hospital because all of the rejection made me crazy. So my step-dad came and picked me up there, on the way home he had an attack because he’d taken pills not to go asleep. Home again I started to study English because that seemed to be the next thing to do, but when i had to do the Psychological analyses of Hamlet, I should have done, that got too much for me, and all those books to read….I couldn’t memorize all I read anymore
    so I decided to become a nurse wrote up for studies and got my place, but then, met my husband on the south coast of France. He had a sunburn on his back and I put some taning-lotion on him…… Soon later I was in France, we got married, got 3 children.
    At my first one in 1982, I met Roger Peterson, a missionnary from the States who implanted a church nearby, he told me the way to accept Jesus Christ as my personal saviour. I repented from my sin and asked Jesus to come into my heart and purify me from all sin.
    The overwhelming changes that occured in my life brought me back to psych-hospital for 3 weeks….and drugs were given to me that reduced me to a vegetable for over a year….I could only sit there and cut out pictures for the pastors wife who needed them for the instruction of the children. I found a job in Paris as as secretary for a while but then decided to do bible studies and raise my children and I also went to the children on a place nearby that hung around. Soon I had a group of 10 that I saw every week, and I sang with them and did bible-studies and pick-nicks and games with them. ….Had much fun but then came the fleas and I didn’t get out of the fleas and washing anymore, at the same time the city set up a youngsters center and they went there so I got….delivered of the fleas…
    Now I’m happy to see them every once in a while with their children !.

    By his grace also he gave me a servant place in a nearby german family with a 4 children. I owe myself a lot to them, they really had preserved me from falling into depression once more, and I praise the Lord for them ! The childrens love is such a gift from the Lord and puts me right into his presence. Now was at their house once a week doing german-lessons and cooking and sewing and stuff during almost 5 years. Now I’m home again taking care every once in a while
    of my grandson, and playing on my guitare. What a privilege after all, being home.

    On fridays I go singing with my guitar, with the elderly. Once I week I take care of a horse nearby or better he carries me. I try to go to gymnastics 3 times a week to stay healthy and see some other women. Every morning I take at least an hour to read my bible and christian messages and pray. There would be so much to say, almost 52 years, I’m so glad to have my Bible, my husband, my children and a christian community and friends on face-book !
    God bless them all.

  4. God saved me números time but i never seen it that way,i turned my back on my God had mercy i was soooooo messed up on drugs and living the fast life to even recognize how beautiful
    The day was walking through the valley of the shadow of death was my play ground but it took one last time for the Lord to tap me on the shoulder and i cried out here i am God im willing and ready i want my life back i want my family respect i want my daughters to Love me i want the impossiable to be possiable amd i dont want to do meth i want to be free and stay free THE LORD DELIVERED AND SET ME FRE I GOT THE RESPECT FROM MY FAMILY MY DAUGHTERS LOVE ME AND BY GODS GRACE MY HUSBAND TALKING TO ME WANTING AND WILLING TO GO AND TRY CHURCH MY GOD HAS BLESS ME AND SOME IM HERE TO SAY GOD IS REAL ME AND SO MANY OTHER ARE LIVING PROOF AMEN.

  5. Most importantly, God has saved me from my sins and claimed me for eternity. But from an earthly perspective He’s never left or forsaken me.

    For 11 years, I prayed that my husband would become a Godly man. Three years before God unexpectly called my husband home, He transformed my husband into a true Christian. During that process, my family was almost destroyed financially. But God whispered that he would save us from bankruptcy and the foreclosure of our home. The day after I found out my husband had died, I also found out that he had let his life insurance lapse. In a situation where I could see no solution, God has blessed me so abundantly in varied, unexpected ways, His promises are coming true. He has provided a complete covering of protection for me and my children.

    Also, God sent me the Godly man of my dreams a little over a year ago; I shook hands with him only 6 months after my husband died. His wife had left him and his kids the month before my husband died. We have experienced so much true happiness in the last year that we have come to understand what it means to count our trials as pure joy. We plan to get married in the next year. He also brings me 4 more spiritual children that bless me daily.

  6. Hello,

    God has sustained me. I have been through a lot, but the easiness of HIS yoke has allowed me to not be bitter. HE allow HIS love to flow through my heart forever and ever. I am so grateful. HE is my ALL and ALL.

  7. Back in 2004 the Lord led me to pray, fast and read my bible. Although, I was doing these things anyway, I found myself doing them more strongly than ever before. I know that God does not put it in your heart to do things unless he is preparing you for something.

    I obeyed what was meant for me to do. I only prayed to let his will be done and whatever the reason, I know that God was in the mist of it.

    In April of 2005, my mother went into the hospital what was to be a routine in and out patient surgery. My mother never came home, she died due to complications and she hemorrhaged to death.

    I know that God was preparing me for what was going to happen. I feel, if I did not continue to read, fast and pray as I did a year before my mom past, I would have not handle it as well as I did.

    My family members could not understand how strong I was during the ordeal, but I know it was nobody but God who kept me strong and able me to go through and come out. And, even though I mourned for a long time, My God was there through it all.

    When we were children and listened to our parents. We should be the same way with God our Father. God will not lead us the wrong way or tell us something that will harm us. He is our keeper. He has kept me.

  8. the Lord has kept me healthy for 77yrs eat organic food and take herbal medication where needed..

  9. the BIGGEST thing that God has done for you in the past.: I can tell you so many things God has done for me, but the most important is believe in me, love me no matter what I was or what i did.
    Knowing him is the best thing than can happened to me. When i think in me in the past, is kind of a horror movie, for me, and for everybody in my family, and friends. I can’t say how i’m still in this world, although all the things i did, just HIm, just for Him, and His love for me. Because He has bigger plans for me, now i know.
    And now all i can do is serve, serve with love and gratefullness

  10. Jeri Hampton-Sawyer says:

    God has delivered me from the dark/heaviness of depression! It has been a long spell this go-round and even in the midst of praising God I did not “feel” like myself – but the more I praised HIm and absorbed, received the Word given at my new church home one day I realized that the fog had been lifted.
    There are material blessing and they are wonderful but there is no amount of money that can lift the fog of depression from any of us! For this I give Him Praise!

  11. Angela Carter says:

    I’ve been through so much and God has been right there with me and my family. It was four years ago that my husband had paid the light bill and the people made a mistake on our bill and they said we didn’t pay it so they cut off the power. We could’t get help from my husband’s family nor friends and my mom and step-dad didn’t have anything themselves. So we went without lights for about eight months. When it was summer time we had to sleep with window up and winter time we cut wood and put in a fire place to keep warm. Finally some thing told me to call a program that help in my type of need and I did and the program paid my whole light bill and my lights came back on. He saved me and my husband again when we got into a car accident and in that accident I scream out his name JESUS while we were headed towards a light pole. The car was about to flip but God’s angels took charge and kept our car from flipping and we stop just in time from hitting the pole. What a loving, faithful , mighty God we serve.

  12. Dr. Omede Ogu says:

    He Loved me.

  13. Dr. Omede Ogu says:

    He loved me even when i did not want to know he existed. Hesaved me from me. He lead me when i could not take decision of my own. He showed me my destinationwithout asking. He provided shelter for me when i least expected it. He choosed a dream for me when all hope had lost. He made me into me for HIM. PRAISE GOD.

  14. God is truly the Miracle Worker who makes a way where there is no way. He always has a cheaper, easier, quicker and better way to do everything. Listen to this: nearly 2 months ago my 30 month old motorcar battery died – couldn’t be even used to jump start he motor vehicle. The mechanic had to use his battery to start the car… He then removed his battery and replaced mine in the holder and reattached it. I had no cash to purchase a new one at at that time. I decided to trust the Lord to make a way. Today the battery is as strong as new. was it the Lord who recharged it? Yes! God cetainly makes a way where there is no way and does make the impossible possible! PRAISE THE LORED FOR EVERMORE!

  15. Amy kiptui says:

    God has saved me from a very bad sickness this week.while was feeling sorry for myseif, i remembered that the devi was laughing at me because I was piting mysef.I rose and rebuked the spirit of infirmity and I got healed.I thank my God for taking care of me and giving us His only son Jesus to show us the way and ruth.many people suffer and die because of lack of knowlege.i prase you my Father and you are very special to me

  16. Tom Durand says:

    About the time my sixth grandchild was born, I prayed that the Lord would help me to do three things: to give more generously, to live more spiritually, and to love others more fully. He has granted my desires — more than I could ever have hoped and blessed me with friends, brethren, and material needs as well. I am 82 years old and though I’m not in as good health as I was before, I am content to wait for His healing and will always remember how He answered my heartfelt prayer so graciously. I presently live in Chile with my son and his seven children, and try my best each day to live for my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. In His great eternal love, Tom Durand

  17. GODWIN EVERETT says:

    Truly This I know, GOD has Done So Much For Me; Where do I Begin and Where do I End the Stories of what GOD has done for me and my family?. It is INFINIT. . And I know also that I can not Thank and/or Praise GOD Enough,, Worship and Praise GOD Almighty All Ye Nations.””

  18. GODWIN EVERETT says:

    God Is All in All to me; GOD is More Than Human Immaginations. This I know.

  19. God has done a lot for me. God has brought me this far in life, educated me, provided for me, provided a job for me, healed me from benign ovarian cancer. God saved me in May 2009 and I became a Christian. I just can’t tell it all. But God has done EVERYTHING for me.

  20. For all that i have and all that I have gone through, i want to give all Praise, Glory and Honour to our Father in heaven, because i have been sustained by Him all through this years. The day I recieved Jesus as my personal Lord and Saviour, the protective hand of God has never left me. It shows on my children and also my husband who is yet to surrender his life to Christ.
    But for that,i know God is working on it. So my future belongs to God, it is for me to work towards achieveing it.

  21. God has given me victory from masturbation and porn addicition. He has given me strength and encouragement during time when I really needed it. We serve an awesome God.

  22. I love Jesus and for what he has done for everyone!!

  23. Danielle Wing says:

    I graduated from middle school last year and was depressed all summer cause my friends were going to different high schools and it was a impossible high school to get into and a lot of people dropped out for no reason and now I attend that high school

  24. I would like to praise and thank God for healing my son .He was in the hospital for about two weeks but for many days and many nights prayer was going up and God heard our cry for him. praise him ,honor his name.

  25. I have really proved God this year. My daughter got accepted to go to university to study Public Health and I really did not have the first cent towards her tuition, I mean my account was in -$0.00. I had lost my job almost two years and have been getting part-time and part-time there but for the last 6+ months I was out of a job. My church went on a series of fast and prayer and I have never been praying like how I prayed, I literally see God moved on my behalf. reached a place in my christian life where I was and still am totally dependent on God. Now I can say, thanks be to God my daughter has started university and not only that, it is now 2 weeks since the semester begins and I almost paid off this year tuition. I have gotten another part-time job just in time family member, people I do not know just been assisting, WHO COULD THAT BE, God of course.

    So, encouragement to persons out there, no matter the circumstances, just trust God to work it out, and as Job says, he gonna wait until his change comes, so just be patient and wait on God.

  26. January 23, 2005 I was on my way to Church and stopped to give someone a ride. My car was shot-up. A bullet went through my head-rest, the blouse I had on a bullet went through it and one bullet entered the side of the car but God Blocked it. My life was spared miraculously not one bullet hit me . God is good I could go on and on about His miracle.

  27. My Jesus was with me when i was removed from a high post in my company by a game played by my own christian friend. I was demoted and sent to another department. I felt Jesus walk with me in this shame and i prayed and HE lifted me up once again after two years in another department in the same company. Praise Jesus always. Trust in HIM always.

  28. Keston Samuel says:

    I born on the 23rd April 1984 coming From a christian back ground things was not easy for us . being the the last of my siblings my mom use to treat me good which i really liked , my eldest sister did not had the same father as us so most of the time she didn’t stay with us . not being able to have the things like the neighbors or always consider of having nothing , At age seven my mom use to take us by one of her friend where we had bible studies on Friday’s evenings and on Saturday morning’s go to the Seventh Day Adventist Church never really was to interested in it, so we did it for a couple of years . things was hard with my Parents cause mom was not working and most of the time my dad would gamble out his money barely leaving any for food an clothing which use to drive my mom crazy . there use to quarrel about it which my dad use to get abusive to her. until it was for one morning it really was bad and things get worst when he left . my mom was unemployed with five children beside my big sis to take care of she did all kind of jobs to put food for us , and sometimes one of her friend use to help out .
    while my mom get ten days job our life had change because we had stopped going to church and things was really hard our household was not in order God became less and less in my life then she get through with a work in the hospital as a cleaner part time she had no time to take us to church , then about two years after she had get through full time it was good and bad . The good was she provide for us through the grace of God but we had served him less we were all getting older and following the wrong company . with no father figure we likely did what we please because it was to much for her to handle .
    so she always used to talk to use get to know the Jesus for he’s our Lord and savior but did the same thing over and over . going through life facing all challenges i start to wonder because i was not saved and i was even scared to know who he was because i always wanted to get Baptize but i did not go to church and always saying that one day i’ll go .didn’t had much to show after high school so i worked with one of my brother doing woodwork, after that i did some grocery work as a packer while working there i was doing my diploma in electrical . i had already some courses before made it easy for me worked most of the time and the rest of if was for me to study so i had no time for church .
    so i had leave the work for three weeks to study get my passes get a job doing electrical installation in the same company one year pass things was not happening for me ask for a raise which i need well that went OK when on day i was online just randomly pick someone off my Facebook profile start chatting . getting to know this person online we were talking about church one day , so she invited me to church , it was like something new to me so i did while going to church i get saved and trusting in the Lord and until that day i has not stop . And i know he has a lot of things still to do in my life believing in the Word not worrying about anything . I just want to thank him for keeping me and never forsaking me right now he’s my everything

  29. Nell-Noeleen says:

    I have always had” GOD” in my life I an 63 years young,if I had to say all the things that” GOD” has done for me it would take for ever,many years ago I found a book “THE BOOK OF GOD” by Walter Wangerin all I can say is GOD BLESS thoes who belive and pray for thoes who dont Nell-Noeleen

  30. Since I was converted ,Jesus Christ of Nazareth is my Father indeed and my Lord and Saviour. I was once disappointed by my friend who was so special to me.I was so worried that it was difficult to forgive.I was so pained and helpless, but when the word came to me and said I should forgive. I hearkened unto the word and forgave in that awkward position and in turn the Lord healed me of AIDS. Up to now I have gone to various doctors and am free of the virus.This was a great miracle to my life and will never leave nor forsake my Lord.Never.Jesus indeed smiled at me for having forgiven in that terrible situation. Forgive brother ,forgive sister ,you shall see the hand of the Lord in your life.Forgiveness is a powerful prayer in itself. Do it and you shall remember my words I share with you now. God is real and them that worship Him should be real indeed and YOU WILL NEVER BE THE SAME.

  31. Sherleen Nero says:

    God had done many things in my life.I have one child,and there was a time in my life when my husband and i could not have provided for her.One Sunday morning i went to church this lady met me at the door and she placed in my hand 20.00, i said to her wow like you new i didn’t have but i believed in my heart it was God who worked in her.I gave part of that money back to God and later that same evening my family received more,and we want to continue to serve him each day of our lives.

  32. God has divinely favoured me and his glory is upon my life,i got my university admision,my busines is booming and i paid all my bill,it is well with my family and my future is settled for best.and the presence of my God is upon my life,im rich and blessed.
    Thank u my lord.

  33. Psalm 37:4
    Delight yourself in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.

    This verses is really a powerful to me…for almost 8 years me and my husband desired to have a baby and every end of the day we expect to have one. I did a lot of procedures to become pregnant but unfortunately failed… Me and my husband got frustrated, but it come to my mind and realized that if GODS WILL, HE WILL GIVE THE DESIRES OF OUR HEART IN HIS PERFECT TIME. I stop everything going to my Doctor and thinking every day that one day i will conceived… Last December 8, 2010, it’s really an amazing day GOD gave us the desires of our heart after a long day of waiting. GOD is really good and prayer is powerful. Praise be to GOD and Thanking HIM for all the wonderful blessings that He gave to me and to my family.

  34. Norman Horn says:

    The Lord has helped me out tremendously since 1999 when i got saved, My first landlord was a retired minister and his grandson lived in front of me and he witnessed to me one night and the next day his grandfather led me to the Lord and now i see everything differently. God has rescued me from depression and has helped me to grow stronger in him. There is nothing i can do that can measure what Jesus did for me on the Cross, but i pray and ask him to give me the strength each day to live for him the best i can. I love the Lord even though my thoughts and actions don’t show it at times but praise God for his infinite mercy and love and foregiveness.

  35. God has delivered me from drug addiction, abusive relationships, codependency, self hate, thoughts of suicide and countless inner healings from things in my past. He has set me apart, set me on high, and set me with a purpose and a voice to carry the message of freedom. What we have victory over, we have authority over. So let’s use our authority and help other find victory in their lives as well.

  36. Well, i cant remember all the times that God has worked in my life as there are just so many countless times he has done so. But to me the biggest thing he has done for me(and thankfully will continue to do so) is washing away my sins through Jesus’ death on the cross. It really strikes me how he could ever die for a sinner such as me! Praise God!

  37. Maria Mancebo says,

    I read de Bible, but after many years also I read french book “Vers Jesus” and after that and the orthers

    experiences my life changed, God delivered me from depression on December 1997. after many difficulties I found

    friends and brothers and sisters in Jesus on march 2006 , after the hospital

    15 days on december 2006. This new family and friends visit to me 3 or for times on the week and God give me

    strenght and healthy and encouragment. Truly this I know, GOD has done so much for me and my family. God

    is good for me just ask and wait. PRAISE THE LORD.

  38. Tony Anifowose says:

    Praise thy Lord, i am nobody but God make me a reference of a good ambassador, Holy spirit is my mentor, theirs nothin i asked of him dat he doesnt give me or do for me. He has help me and my family times without a number, God is my provider, my healer. I was very strong b4 i went for an all nite in a church very close to house and after service of dat day God heal me of my sickness, less than 24hours healing. thank u Jesus

  39. One night, I was dealing with an alcoholic member of my family, trying not to let him drive the car away, he got more an more angry while I was thinking about other people in danger in case he went out. I stood in front of the car being pushed an then, he pulled back the car full of anger an said horrible words to let me know he’d kill me in that very moment. So I did pray “God, if you want me to die it’s ok, but nobody else will die this night!” and like if a big hand went down and pushed him, my offender went down the car and walked back like afraid in his body but his mouth repeating the same words. So i got into the car and drove it back to its place, leaving him standing in the street for a while, then he went back home. I’ve never thought I could give down my life for somebody, even I don’t know if I would jump, the only thing I know is that He saved my life, and also gave me the courage to stand there for others that I even don’t know who they are. God is good, He is my father.
    Well, this man of my story don’ t remember, it is a shame.

  40. He listens to me and is my best friend. And of course He has done so much more 🙂

  41. God has been so good and faithful to me, this is not because i have been so righteous to him but because of the unending love and mercies he has for us. I give him all the glory and honour for what he has done for me all through the years,i cant mention one by one but all i can say is THANK YOU LORD!.thank you lord for whatever is written in your book is true and must come to pass.

    As He says in the book of exodus that we should stand still and know that he is God, He surely is,put your trust in him and he will never leave you nor forsake you . I am witness of this ,may all the glory and honour return to him

  42. God gave me a wonderful job working for dvv international. I did not apply for the job but instead it looked for me.
    each time i am faced with challenges concerning my job, i surrender the problems to him. i remind him that he appointed me for the job and he saw it befitting. He (God) should solve the problems for me and not myself.
    I thank him for the job and divine wisdom he bestows upon me.

  43. One day I was at mega fest Bishop T. D. Jakes said,
    you will never know the person next to you till
    you have heard their testimony.
    I’m not a person of many words. I can however assure you guys.
    My God is wonderful and faithful.
    He has done wonders for me and guess what
    He will do it again.
    I ‘ve stumbled and fallen many times but in all times I have fallen on his lap.
    He has always safely brought me back to my feet.
    I don’t know where to begin, the best is for me to I serve a miracle working God.
    He has saved me from numerous dangers in my life including sparing me from Disease.
    I know He is working on something bigger and better for me.
    In due time he will deliver he knows how desperate my situation is.
    I’ve never gone to bed with an empty stomach.

    Everytime my situation has looked bleak he steps in.
    Now brethren as you read I beg you to join me in prayer
    for restoration.

  44. Never did I expect to be changed forever when my whole-hearted search for the truth began in the summer of 2009. I had only set out to discover the extent of any corruption within our political system. Over time I learned that the most powerful people have been gradually pushing us towards a one-world government while also striving to destroy all religions, specifically Christianity. This threw me off as I had associated many of them with Christianity and I was convinced that it and really every religion was only a means to oppress people. To my surprise, I’d soon realize that true Christianity is very much the only means to true freedom and much of its destruction has already come by way of its utter misrepresentation. However, before I really began to comprehend this, God put into my life the person I would consider to be the most instrumental in my salvation. Throughout the fall, as I would share my conspiratorial knowledge with David, he would listen while gently pointing me towards Jesus. Eventually he invited me to a Bible study sometime in the winter. Before agreeing, I thought to myself, “How open-minded am I if I don’t go to this?” So I go and enjoy it enough to return. Together, the group of us only had to read and discuss a fraction of the Bible before it became clear to me why the most evil people would like to see it destroyed. As the master they serve is purely evil, the Bible is purely good. Slowly it poured amazing truths about the world and myself onto me and I became pro-Christian and utterly convinced that the Bible is the true Word of God. By the early spring, I acknowledged my need for Jesus and I asked Him into my heart on a particularly rough day at work. About a week later, on April 12th, 2010, David encouraged me to confess this out loud as I apparently sounded much like a believer. So I did, and the Lord became my Lord.

    By the next day, I was crying tears of joy while working and thanking God for the otherwise menial job I had come to resent up until then. Also, I already felt compelled to share the news of this recent miracle with most people I came into contact with. My girlfriend, with whom I was living, didn’t know what to think of it until April 18th when God had prompted me to move back home. To her dismay, I obeyed, and never have I felt surer of anything in all my life. Once there, all thanks to God, my relationship with my father was immediately made 100 times better as I found myself with a greater sense of respect for him than ever before. Also, with Christ’s love, I was able to get much closer to my mother than in months past, hugging and kissing her and smiling as I let her know how much Jesus and I love her every chance I got. By now, the A.L.S. (Lou Gehrig’s disease) was two and a half years progressed, leaving her totally paralyzed, bedridden and unable to effectively communicate in any way –but still very conscious, thank God. She cried after a few days, I think because it took a while for her to believe I was serious as I had been so openly anti-Christian for most of my life. Then, on May 4th, the Lord took my mother Home. As my dad was hysterical with grief, I was being showered with so much of God’s peace that I found it difficult not to burst with joy. My mom just joined Jesus in Heaven and He had spared me the worst regret in all my life by putting me there for her last few weeks on this earth. Her funeral fell on Mother’s day.

    That was all within the first month of my rebirth in Christ. Since then, life has been no less profound as God has been so graciously transforming me and infusing every aspect of my life with a tremendous sense of purpose. It is still mind-blowing to realize the many ways He had been preparing me for His sake all along. Having written poetry for several years, I feel wonderfully blessed as He could immediately make use of me. For Him, I pray that all I do and say would set ablaze the hearts He allows me to reach. If we love God and just let Him be God, He can and will free us to be whom He intended. I sought the truth and the truth, Jesus Christ, found me.

  45. God kept my parents alive even when they were sick ,they recovered from their sick bed also he protected my family and i from accident to and fro Port Harcourt to Uyo then Mbaise to Akokwa so brethren help me in thanking God for journey mercy.


  47. David Chigozie says:

    Words cannot describe the wonders of God in the life of His children. I’m a testimony on every side protection, provision, multiplication, blessing, divine health, establishment, and so on. Just have to keep praising Him always

  48. shirley perks says:

    Our 27 year old boy Craig was murdered in Glasgow where he was working on 16th jan 2010, he was murdered by two lads who thought it was good to just beat someone to the ground and sit on his chest til he died, we are christians and our son was too so we know where he is now, with our lord and saviour. Me and my husband steve have felt Gods hand upon us as we have gone through the grief of or sons death, we are still going through the grief now but the time inbetween is getting longer, We love God with all our hearts and know He has a plan and a purpose for our lives, we have also 3 daughters aged 32, 35 and 37 who also are christians, we all know that God has something for us to do and in due time He will do it and we will be able to help others going through similar things and give glory to God! Our son didnt go to church but He knew God, he gave his life when young and used to talk to us about his faith, he knew where he was going too, he helped lots of people to believe in themselves again, drug addicts and people like this, he loved them and theknew there was something about our craig, it was the love of God and craig did church and took God into his world, he spoke with a pastor 6 months before this happened and the pastor spoke with us and told us tat craig knew God and knew where he was going if he died! thanks for listening x shirl perks

    • Just by imagining it, I can feel the pain and how hard it is to overcome it. Thank God he accepted Jesus before this thing happened.

      You and you family are amazingly strong.

      God bless you.

  49. God has done so much for me and He is still doing more. He has brought me out of the miry clay and set my feet on solid grounds. Every aspects of my life have been touched and blessed by God. My strength, my hopes, my joy, my love, my comfort, all come from Him. I will continue to trust Him, praise Him, worship Him, thank Him. He is my Lord, my God, my Saviour, my Everything.

  50. ITEBA SIMON says:


  51. ITEBA SIMON says:


    • god has bring me back from death,i was in hospital to have my baby and develop difficulty after i had the baby i start bleeding so much that i lost consiousness and my spirit left my body surgeon give up on me doctors and nurses dont know what to do but god came through for me and i am thanking him and loving him.

  52. Colin Wilson says:

    Jesus Has Healed me of Cancer Saved my life in death situations.
    Blessed me in many ways.
    Praise God.
    Thankyou Lord

  53. God has moved me from nothing to something my house got burnt ihad some cash and ithougth that iwas finished but surpringly igot it ijust give thanks to god since ive setled

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