How To Begin Your Day Right

Each morning as you open your eyes, God renews you with a heavenly joy. It’s like the sun that it never fails to do its job. The joy is there for you to take and day after day and it’s saying “Take me in. Make this day a joyful one.”

But the problem is, a lot of people are pre-occupied with worries, to dos, and their day to day thing. So they fail to experience God’s renewing joy and strength each day.

The way to start a great day is to choose an attitude of faith and full of expectancy simply by meditating with your mouth and mind…“Today will be a great day.” Whenever you do that, you’re taking advantage God’s infinite power and empower yourself.

If say you’re in age related physical pain, just close your eyes and declare with your mouth and mind and declare Jeremiah 30:17…”But I will restore you to health and heal your wounds…” Do this several times with expectancy and you’ll be amazed how God will move and heal you.

That’s why, it’s important that you have some memorized Bible verses in your heart and mind. This way, you can declare God’s goodness wherever whenever.

In Him,
Don and Dawn
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