"The Truth About Why Most Christians Are Suffering Financially...

...And What You Can Do About It."

From the Desk of Don and Dawn
Thursday 6:53 PM

Dear Fellow Christian,

What I'm about to share to you about money will change your life forever. As soon as you apply these simple techniques, you'll open the floodgates of heaven and pour out financial blessings to you and your family.

My name is Don and my wife Dawn and I are the publisher of Online Christian Newsletter "Memory Delight".

In the last several years, I got the privilege to teach and counsel to over 90,000 Christians from different parts of the world. People with different colors, cultures, churches, and Christian denominations.

I was able to do this through the help of the Internet and the technology that we have today. It's a very unique ministry and something simply not possible 15 years ago.

This God-given opportunity gave me an experience to meet different people and had revelations about money that changed my life. And it will change yours too if you… continue reading this article.

You see, meeting thousands of people has opened my eyes about a saddening truth why many Christians struggle in their finances like most people of this world.

The fact that you're still reading this article, it's likely that you're experiencing at least one of the following...

  • You're struggling to pay all your debts and wondering when you can pay it off.
  • Your income isn't enough to live a simple lifestyle that you want.
  • All your credit cards are maxed out.
  • You're praying but never seem to get ahead in terms of finances.
  • You're giving your tithes and offering but it doesn't change your financial status.
  • Your relationships are stressful because of money.
  • You did budget and sticking to it but emergency expenses always comes up.
  • You'd love to volunteer in your church but you have to work on your second job to make ends meet.
  • You would like to bless someone financially but you can't because you have nothing to give.
  • You have no proven and practical budgeting strategies.

Listen, if you continue reading this article until the end, I'll reveal to you how to experience financial prosperity starting today and for the rest of your life.

I Have A Question For You

Have you met an unbeliever that is experiencing more abundance than you do? He has more money and yet he doesn't even go to church.

Or maybe you know a fellow Christian from your Church. Both of you hear the same sermon, sing the same songs, and read the same Bible but he is better off than you financially.

Unless you're living in a cave, I'm sure you've met this kind of person.

What I'm leading up to is this; there are principles in Financial Kingdom that if you discover and apply it you'll get out of debt and experience the abundant life that God wanted for you all along.

Successful Christians are all aware of these principles and they're applying it in their daily lives to receive more. All you have to do is learn these principles I'm about to tell you and you're on your way to prosperity.

So Why Do Christians Struggle More Financially?

One reason most Christians are struggling financially is because of their limiting beliefs about money and wealth. If you've been a Christian for a while, I'm sure you've once heard a sermon about money and greed.

Though not implied but whenever a sermon is about money it seems the message tend to lean towards ... "If you're wealthy you're greedy."

But look – There are hundreds of scriptures in the Bible about wealth and I assure you there's no single verse that tells you that being wealthy is being greedy. In fact, God wants you to prosper to a point where you have more than enough that you can begin blessing other people.

...and that's the truth.

In Leviticus 26:10 says...

"You will still be eating last year's harvest when you will have to move it out to make room for the new."

Come to think of it, some great men of God are wealthy. Abraham, Job, David, Isaac, Solomon, and others are wealthy. And I'm not talking about spiritual wealth but earthly wealth.

Another reason why most Christian struggles financially is because of their lack of action towards their faith. This is the same reason why they're praying for financial breakthroughs and yet they're still not experiencing overflowing blessings.

The truth is, many Christians are passive in terms of their finances as if God will do the budgeting for them. Yes, God can do miraculous things but in most cases God wants to work with His people.

Remember this... faith without action is dead. Your action is the fuel of your faith.

Your specific action, let's say cutting your living expenses to pay off your debt quickly is an act of faith.

So if you want to experience financial freedom, you have to begin educating yourself about saving, making, and managing money. This kind of education will help you to reinforce your faith towards a financially stress-free life.

… paying all your bills on time and still have extra for savings and shopping.
… being debt-free, at last! And be a testimony of God's goodness to people around you.
… watching your savings and investments grow and have a secure future.
… having enough money for that grand vacation… or your dream house you've been praying for.
… knowing you'll be comfortable and financially independent when you retire.
… you can begin volunteering in the Church and bless your brethren financially.
… having a money-worry free life where you can now buy the simple joys of life.

All these things are possible.

Here's Where I Come From...

You see, when we migrated to Canada in 2006 we only had $532.12 in our bank account. No job, no friends, no family, and a little English language.

With God's favor, we're able to survive that and build a thriving publishing business. When we had this success in our business and was experiencing financial abundance my first son Paulo was born.

As new parents we began to upgrade our lifestyle to give our child a nicer place to live.

So we bought a house, new appliance, a car, and all other things that newly wed and new parents do.

This is where our trials began. Due to recession my small business was affected and our sales dropped and so did my income. I began struggling to make payments for my car and mortgage. There was a time where I was paying our bills and groceries through my credit cards.

I had more than $32,000 in credit cards and personal loan debts.

There was a time where my wife and I had constant arguments about our bills, money, and the decisions I made about my business.

As you might imagine, it's so stressful and frightening. I'm happy to have a child but I wasn't sure if I could give him great education and the future that he deserves.

So here's what I did.

To generate extra cash, I took a sales job in the mall selling mobile phones. But after 3 months I was laid off for no clear reason.

After that, I began to think about the wrong decisions I made and how we managed our finances. At the same time, my wife and I began our journey to become a good steward of our resources.

With faith we took action by reading and studying about money management and applied it to our daily lives.

Within just a year we paid off our debts and boost our income by 50%. Our business grew too by 40% in sales. We're so thankful to God.

After this eye-opening and painful experience I decided to teach Christians how to easily and effectively manage their money regardless of how bad their situation is.

So with your permission, I would like to introduce you to...

“Wealth Stewardship System:
A Simple Guide to Saving, Making, and Managing Money.”

It is a comprehensive program that will show you, step by step, how to:

  • Set up a realistic budget that you can live with and stick to.
  • Cut your living expenses without living like a monk and without sacrificing the lifestyle you desire (and deserve!).
  • Save money for short term goals like vacations, renovations, and high-tech toys.
  • Build wealth for long term goals like your children's college tuition and your retirement.
  • Refinance your mortgage, when it's the best option for you (and when you absolutely need to avoid it!)
  • Get rid of debt once and for all, so you can start building up your financial assets.
  • Improve your credit rating, even if you have debt.
  • Protect yourself from identity thieves who can cripple your financial life.
  • Make more money, even if you don't switch jobs or get a raise.

Here's a Sneak Peek of What You're About To Learn:

Module 1: Creating an Effective Budget
Module 2: Staying Within Your Budget
Module 3: Reducing Expenses Without Affecting Your Lifestyle
Module 4: Saving Money on a Day to Day Basis
Module 5: Short Term Savings
Module 6: Long Term Savings
Module 7: Using Your Credit Cards Wisely
Module 8: Getting Out of Debt
Module 9: Ways to Bring in Extra Cash
Module 10: Should You Refinance Your Mortgage?
Module 11: Checking Your Credit Report Regularly
Module 12: Why a High Credit Score is Important
Module 13: How to Raise Your Credit Score
Module 14: International Credit Systems
Module 15: Protecting Your Identity
Module 16: Summary

“Wealth Stewardship System” Is More Than Just An E-book”

You'll also get:

  • Complete 80+ Page 16-Module home study course.
  • Money and mindset worksheets and companion guides to help you work through the critical areas of the course
  • Budget helpers, worksheets, and trackers to make budgeting FUN again!
  • Money saving checklists and cheat sheets, so you will have the essential lessons at your fingertips
  • My Secret Resource List of Helpful Money Sites, Tools, and Calculators

And there's more: If you order today I'll also give you for FREE three Expert audio interviews in MP3 format.

If you're going to hire these three experts to teach you about budgeting, it may cost you at least $1,200.

But you can get all these absolutely free.

Order Wealth Stewardship System and you'll have the tools you need to take control of your financial life again. Well, everything that is, except the one thing that I cannot give: your commitment to act.

As I mentioned earlier, your action is the fuel of your faith. Prayer alone isn't enough. You have to back it up with the right action.

You see, Wealth Stewardship System is only for those who will actually implement the lessons. You don't have to do everything in the e-book, of course. That's not realistic.

But if you will act on even a few of the suggestions in this amazing course, then you will see your finances improve.

Act now and you'll discover the simple ways to:

  • MAKE more money
  • SAVE more money
  • MAKE money work for you

If you're still unsure if this will be worth the investment, here's my…


I unconditionally guarantee this system in black and white. You can order this system risk-free, even if you are simply curious. If you didn't see any improvement in your finances, after you read and honestly apply these money management formula, email me within 60 days and we'll refund your money, no hassle, no questions, no hard feelings. And you keep all the products with you.

As a further convenience, I converted this great course into a digital product. Meaning, if you don't procrastinate and order now, you'll immediately receive a personal email from me with a link to download the entire course to your computer.

This way you save money in shipping and handling and you can begin immediately implementing these wealth management strategies.

For a tiny investment of $47, you can now start a debt-free, worry-free, and abundant life.

Click the “add to cart” button below to get instant download of my “Wealth Stewardship System: A Simple Guide to Saving, Making, And Managing Money.”

Money problems cause a lot of stress to you and your family. You don't have to keep living with it. Face your financial problems straight on, and finally enjoy a financially stress-free life that you deserve.

In Him,
Don and Dawn

P.S. One more thing, it's important. In case you're STILL on the fence about this, remember that you have a 60-day money back guarantee. If you can hardly notice any improvement in your finances within 2 months, I'll gladly refund your money, no questions asked! That's how confident I am with my "Wealth Stewardship System". Order now while it's still in introductory price.