How To Break Habitual Sins And Be Free Forever!

Dear Brethren,

Are you secretly trying to break free from a sinful or bad habit?

You see, before I met Christ, I was in all kinds of vices. Until today, I feel sick whenever I think about what I�ve done and what kind of life I had in the past.

It�s disgusting and shameful. When I accepted Christ as my Lord and Saviour...

…I thought it will instantly break the sinful habit that I had.

But I was wrong.

Yes I�m saved but the struggle is still there.

So if you...

…Can�t break an addiction like smoking, drinking, and drugs that slowly kills your body

…Secretly engaged in sex, pornography, and masturbation which are really shameful activities

…Struggle with negative or sinful thoughts that are displeasing to God

…are bound by emotions like anger, fear, depression, and jealousy that holds you back to grow spiritually

…are stuck with sins from your past and are feeling helpless

I know how you feel because I�ve been there.

When I was still struggling, I was given different advices by my Christian friends, but none of them worked permanently.

Things like, pray more, read the Bible more, and my favorite which is��just stop doing it.�

What I discovered is those things are just �Band-Aid� solutions. A �Band-Aid� solution is what works for a moment and then soon you�re back to your old self.

The reason it works only temporarily is because it doesn�t completely break the old pattern by replacing it with new spiritually-empowering habits.

After I realized why it wasn�t working in the long-term, I started my journey to find a solution that works fast and permanently.

I bought, read, and study books by various Christian authors, ministers, and Bible scholars.

But most of them teaches only �why� I should give up my sinful habits and not the �how� to do it.

Frankly, I think most of them didn�t go through what I�ve been through.

Nevertheless, I tried each advice, and kept what seemed to work.

Through lots of trials and errors I was slowly developing my own system of breaking away from bondage or habitual sins.

The system is actually in a state of never-ending improvement as I add or replace things that can speed up the results.

Basically, whenever I hear or learn new things that are Biblically sound and that works for some people, it gets added to the system. The system is not perfect but it works.

So Imagine for a second that...

So if you...

…You�re completely free from these habits. No more hiding and no more shameful feelings.

…You�re now being used by God completely and mightily because you�re totally clear from any sinful thoughts and habits.

…You�re now God�s ambassador encouraging people to break bad habits and showing them how.

…Every day you wake up with an assurance of a struggle-free and victorious day.

All these are possible if you�ll seriously apply what I�m about to share with you in this letter.

What you need to understand is this, before you actually commit whatever sinful action it is, it goes through a process where you perform certain routine.

Let me explain further.

In the past, I have a serious battle against procrastination. Procrastination holds me back to give my best in whatever God wants me to do.

My work requires me to spend a lot of time front of the computer.

Now, I would like to be as productive as I can be but I realized that I tend to have mood swings during the day; where I transition from a super productive person to a master procrastinator.

But before I reach the point where I�m completely procrastinating, it starts with a routine. The routine of putting my left elbow on the table, my left hand on my chin and rest my head on it.

By this time, it�s pretty much downhill for my productivity.

Pause for a second and think about the things that you do before you actually execute any destructive and sinful habit.

You�ll realize that you actually have the same routine prior to doing a habitual sin.

You�ll also realize that you�re doing it about the same time and same place.

Or perhaps something triggers it like music or a television commercial.

These are all part of the routine that leads you to do sinful habits. You need to identify them, be aware of them, and break them.

Basically, any habit, good or bad is but a routine of things that you do or think.

The good news is, I developed a system to help you identify these limiting routines and replace them with faith-building routine that leads to a completely free you.

So with your permission, I would like to introduce to you...

Ultimate Freedom In Christ: Steps To Break Habitual Sins And
Be Free Forever!

This brand new course contains the system that will walk you by the hand on how to break your bad habits or addiction.

The system is a result of combining different strategies in breaking bad habits from different ministers, Bible scholars, and Christian authors.

In this course you�ll learn...

  • The critical first step that most people missed when they tried to break their sinful habits.

  • Step-by-step guide to breaking sinful habits including sinful thoughts, porn addiction, eating disorder, drug addiction, irrational emotions, and the like.

  • How to discover cues that trigger your desire to sin. Know this and you won�t fall into devil�s temptation ever again.

  • Simple yet powerful memory verses you can meditate on that empowers you to completely break your old habits.

  • How to replace your bad addiction with empowering habits and be free from bondage.

  • Identify sneaky attacks from the devil and learn how to protect you and your family from it.

  • The true power of your identity in Christ and how it helps you to be consistent in staying clean so you can walk righteously.

  • How to begin a complete transformation in your life regardless of how bad you think your addiction is.

  • How to let go of the guilt you�re carrying around from your past sins and start a new life.

  • How to renew your mind and begin to live a life that�s pleasing to God.

And a whole lot more.

After completely going through this course you�ll notice an instant change on how you think and behave. You�ll recognize immediately whenever the enemy tries to trap or entice you to fall into sin.

Now, to make it easier for you learn the system and digest fully the content of the course, we put it in two formats: an e-book (pdf file), and an audio book so you can listen to it will you drive, jog, or clean the house.

Here�s Exactly What You�ll Get:

"Ultimate Freedom In Christ: Steps To Break Habitual Sins And Be Free Forever!" eBook
(Downloadable Format)

This comprehensive yet easy-to-read guide, which contains six chapters and over 72 pages of cold hard content, is written in a simple and easy-to-follow style, and clearly explains how to break any sinful habits or addiction.

The book will not only enlighten you, but it also contains a simple system you can follow to be free from bondage.

There�s no other book like this anywhere else where we combined different proven bondage-breaking strategies which you can use immediately.

Ultimate Freedom In Christ: Steps To Break Habitual Sins And Be Free Forever!

"Ultimate Freedom In Christ" Workbook
(Downloadable Format)

We would like you to be free from bondage as quickly as possible.

That�s why we included this workbook to help you go through the entire system step-by-step. This way, you�ll experience a whole new you almost instantly.

Ultimate Freedom In Christ Workbook

�Ultimate Freedom In Christ: Steps To Break Habitual Sins And Be Free Forever!� Audio Book
(Downloadable Format)

Get the entire course on audio so that you can listen anytime, anywhere, 24/7 � including while you do other things, such as commuting to work, waiting to pick up your children from an activity, working out at the gym, exercising at home, doing household chores, jogging, walking, driving, mowing the lawn or doing other outside work, at night while your partner sleeps (you won't keep them awake by having the light on), and much, much more!

Audio Book

But Wait That�s Not All...

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Printable 21-Day Habit Calendar

This single-page calendar will help you see how you progress from the day you start your journey of breaking your sinful habits.

It helps to keep you focused on moving towards your goal and if you see how much you�ve improved over time.

Printable 21-Day Habit Calendar

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By now, you may be thinking� �Will this course really help me break my habitual sins?�

Let me tell you this, whenever we try to get something that will cost us, we naturally ask this question.

That�s why I would like to offer you a 60 days money back guarantee.


It�s a complete 2 months to test and try it for yourself. If you think it�s not working after applying everything you�ve learned, then just give us a call at 1.800.680.1119 or email us at [email protected] and we�ll give you a full refund.

That�s 60 days no questions ask, no hard feelings, money back guarantee.

You�ll have full confidence that you made the right decision.

Click here and try this course to start your journey towards a completely free and clean you.

In Him,

Don and Dawn

p.s. Any sins habitual or not leads to destruction but the good news is, you can break any habit through the grace and power of Jesus Christ.

But you have to do your part in breaking the habit.

So go ahead and try this course today and experience total freedom from sins.

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